Zippadee Do Da

Travel day according to my web site calendar. When you travel from place to place you wake up in the morning and usually have two immediate questions – “Where am I”? (what city or town am I in) and “What day is it”? At times, everything runs together. I think it is because all the familiar ‘landmarks’ are missing – early morning news, breakfast watching the sun rise (4:15 a.m. currently), familiar back porch coffee while the dog enjoys being outside and the flowers cringe because he is out there for a bathroom break after a long night.

Well, it is travel day. Coffee with the pastor (soon to be apostle) after I pack everything up from my temporary home of the last few days – a hotel room. Then to the airport for 10:30 a.m. I am going to be confronted with the electronic check-in I am sure … slide your passport barcode through here and then a touchscreen system of getting boarding passes. Now I know why my elderly mother never got a debit card – all this new fangled technology that is confusing at times, different, and impersonal.

Flight at 12:05 to Minniapolis from Sacramento. A three and a half hour flight. A four+ hour wait then after 9 p.m. I get on another plane and fly almost 2 hours to Regina. Through customs and into the car by 11:00 p.m. 13 hours total.

It will be good to see my wife and family again. I am thankful for modern technology as it allows us to stay in touch all the time (emails, Blackberry, laptop, – it is great. But, nothing like being in person and getting hugged by your loved ones.

However, I do enjoy every day and celebrate God’s goodness whether I am ministering, traveling, or simply have a day to myself. So, I always think: “What a wonderful day” the Lord has given me today!

Here in Woodlands I have had a great substitute family that has made me feel welcomed, accepted, and loved which has helped while I have been away from my own immediate family … see my next blog!

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