Youth – Part Seven


We are taking a look at what young people want today from the church and from the leaders in the church. So far we have seen that they are want ing to see:

1> Challenge
2> Change
3> Relevance
4> Reality
5> Experience

Let’s continue and look at the next five…

6> Transparency – Young people are wanting leaders who are transparent and live life “down to earth.” They want their leaders to be honest about their struggles and their doubts. They want a ‘real life’ leader and not someone who is “up there” preaching at them. They desire real life leaders who will walk with them and lead and teach as they do.

7> Integrity – Young people today can spot a phoney a mile away. They want to see that in their leader’s life their walk and their talk line up. In other words, they live what they state they believe. There is no disconnect between what they preach and teach and how they live and treat people. They are not looking for perfect leaders – just real ones who will admit that they too struggle and have issues in life and ministry.

8> Vulnerability – Leaders in a local church need to live life in such a way that they are vulnerable. People can see the good, the bad, and the ugly. They are not hiding their real person and simply ministering from a professional persona. They want a leader whose life is open and real.

9> Experience – Youth are looking for experience. They are not interested in simply sitting and absorbing information. They want to take what they know and move out ministering to those who do not know Jesus. They need leaders who will disciple, train, equip, and mentor them. And, allow them to be part of ministry teams that, on a regular basis, “go into all the world to make disciples.”

10> Supernatural – Young people want to experience and walk in the supernatural They are wanting to flow in the power of God that is available today through the experience called the baptism in the Holy Spirit. They are well aware that many Christians and their leaders are not walking in the supernatural but are simply spooky, spectacular, or super-spiritual. They want only the real experience and are not interested in the hype or the counterfeit.

More next time…