Youth – Part Five


In this generation the youth have a great number of positive attributes or characteristics that are amazing and can be harnessed to further the Kingdom of God and the Gospel.

These are characteristics of the majority of young people today – include the Millennial generation. These are not limited to born again youth…

1> Passion for the Kingdom and the King, Jesus
2> Enthusiasm – the root of the word is “en” and “Theos” or “in God”
3> Vision – and they do grasp the vision of the Kingdom and its expansion into all the world
4> Determination – they buy in and stay determined to see things completed
5> Purpose – they are looking for and hungry for purpose in their lives
6> Commitment – they have a sense of deep commitment to what they believe in
7> Kingdom-minded – they are focused on the Kingdom and not on the Church
In fact, they may not even be involved in a local church as they see it as pointless
8> Knowledge – they are looking for experiential knowledge and not just academic wisdom
9> Relationships – they look for and maintain long-term relationships and relational networks
10> A sense of adventure the drives them into new ventures and new relationships

They also, if they are believers, have three added key characteristics … assurance, confidence, and boldness. Let me explain these briefly.

Most young people who are born again and Spirit-filled (Baptized in the Holy Spirit) have a deep assurance of the love of God… the love that God, their heavenly Father, have for them personally. John, the beloved apostle, wrote:

“I write these things to you whop believe in the Name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life”

“Eternal life” here is defined as having a personal, intimate, love relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ whom He sent.” (John 17:3)

The young believers today have this deep assurance and, because they do, they live with a fresh confidence in God and thus a confidence in what God is wanting to accomplish in and through them. 1 John 5:14 goes on to state: “And this is the confidence that we have toward Him…”

Because of this assurance and resulting confidence the youth of today who are believers walk in a supernatural boldness that has not been seen in many of the previous generations.

Next time – we will look at what the youth of today are looking for from their leaders and from the Church