Your Vision Must Be Clear

As a believer who knows who you are “in Christ” and who you are becoming as you closely follow the Lord as His disciple; as someone who is living by biblical principles and following the basic commands of the Lord to love God, love yourself and reach out to every lost person in the world every day … There is now a need to discover the rest of His vision for your life and it must be clear.

You see, who you are, who you are becoming, and the basics of life as a disciple are foundational … Now it is time to discover the blueprint for the house – and it must be clear. At times you may be uncertain about things in your own life (the blurry man in the picture) but what you are called to do must be seen from God’s perspective and thus be clear and crisp (the end of the scope)

What is the vision for your life? Well, as we saw earlier in these daily blogs… vision is foresight with insight based on hindsight. The definition underscores the importance of looking to your future, emphasizes the significance of possessing a keen awareness of your current circumstances and possibilities, and notes the value of learning from your past.

  • Vision is also: seeing the invisible and making it visible.
  • Vision can also be:  An informed bridge from the present to the future.
  • How about: Sanctified dreams.

Vision for ministry – your ministry or the wider ministry of the local church you are a member of –  is a clear mental image of a preferable future imparted by God to you as a servant of the living God and is based upon an accurate understanding of God, self and circumstances. Over the next few days we will look at all the ingredients of that definition…


Vision is a picture held in your heart and head of the way things could or should be in the days ahead. This is true for the vision of your personal ministry or the vision for the local church’s ministry and outreach. Vision connotes a visual reality, a portrait of conditions that do not exist currently. This picture is internalized and personal (even if it is a vision for the church – it must be internalized for you to become a part of it).

In the case of your ministry within the local church and through the local church into the world – it is not someone else’s view of the future but one that uniquely belongs to you. Eventually, you will have to paint that mental portrait for others if you wish the vision to find support, prayer, and even partners to help you fulfill it. So, it must be clear and crisp in your heart and head or else you will not be able o adequately explain it to others and recruit others to be a part of it.

Having a clear picture in mind is essential. A fuzzy perspective is not vision. It may be a daydream but it is not a vision that you can build and impact others with.

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