Young people are being called by God to make a difference

Today’s Thought… Around the world young people are being called by God to make a difference. This is not just a call to be a good disciple of the Lord or to witness for Him in their  current location. He is planting a fire in the hearts of young people – a burning desire to do something significant for the Lord that will change lives and the course of history.
Why just the young – because they are being called to places where their lives will be in danger and the living conditions are anything but “decent.” They are being called to seriously sacrifice comfort, security, and even their lives to fulfill the call of God upon their lives.

These young people will be both prophetic in nature and apostolic in function. They will supernaturally move in power and venture into spiritually dark places to plant the seeds of the Gospel and raise up a new and vibrant expression of the Church that Jesus is building.

These young people are in need of spiritual fathers and mothers to disciple and mentor them. This is where many of us tried and tested warriors for The Lord come onto the scene – behind the scenes really…  encouraging, training and equipping the next generation with grace and gentleness

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