Young Apostles-in-Training – Russia #18

It is Saturday night late already in Russia as we are anywhere from 9 to 13 hours ahead of central Canada depending on what part of this rather large nation you are in. We are in the City of Ivanovo ministering. It has been a busy day as we have ministered all day in a seminar type setting teaching on hearing the voice of God so as to flow prophetically and thus walk supernaturally in your daily life as a believer. It has been a good day and actually a good few days in this neck of the woods.

This young man was called out as an apostle-in-training last time we were here in this church. He is still a high school student and very active in this local church’s youth work and other activities. He has a gentle spirit and has a very powerful prophetic word that he is beginning to walk out with the help of this ministry and, of course, his local pastor. He is rather shy and quiet and so we don’t always know what he is thinking or feeling – but he is serious quick at learning what we are teaching him and is helping us to minister to people during the prayer times. This is, of course, the faster way to learn to minister as a future apostle – simply jump in and do it with a mentor beside you. It is also how I learned as well. This is the call upon this ministry:Loving God, Equipping People, Mentoring Leaders, Reaching Nations.”

We have finished our meetings for the day and they have been good. Really no spare time as the trip is rapidly coming to an end and this means every spare moment is utilized to touch lives for Jesus. And, by now, those in attendance are feeling comfortable to ask questions and seek advice about their gifts and callings. So, we work a few extra hours to try and accomodate as many as we can. So, I am tired and looking forward to a decent night’s sleep.

The room I am sleeping in is right behind the front of the sanctuary and the wall between the two is very thin. From past experience here I know that by 7:00a Sunday morning the worship team (and drummer) will be here setting up and practicing and that quiet will not be available for me to read my Bible and pray. So, spending some extra time tonight sifting through God’s will for tomorrow’s services. In the morning there will be numerous people in the kitchen so even breakfast will be an opportunity to minister. Most mornings it is simply Miroslav and I so we eat, chat, and then separate for some quiet time. But tomorrow is Sunday and the people start in around 6:30a to prepare for the morning service, lunch, and the afternoon gatherings we will be having.

Today’s prayer requests: For Sunday’s activities including a long, late night drive into Moscow. The plane leaves at noon on Monday but due to traffic that means getting to an airport hotel around 2:00a as in the morning it would be impossible to get to the airport on time through the normal traffic. Hotels exist just for this purpose as most people know the problem and this is the only solution. Even traffic at 2:00a is like rush hour back home. Welcome to Russia!

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