You Will Know the Truth

The Bible states that “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). If this is true – and it is because it is the Bible – then how come a lot of Christians are not free? I mean, just look at the Church today and see how much bondage believers are still in many years into their walk with the Lord. They are not free and the world, the flesh and the devil (at times) still has a grip on their heart and soul.

Yes, they know the truth; they quote the truth; they believe the truth; they know Jesus who came as a baby in Bethlehem “full of grace and truth;” they listen to sermons explaining the truth every Sunday; they read from the truth most days as they start their day with the Bible and a coffee… So, why are they not set free? Why are they not experiencing freedom as Jesus promised?

Simple – the word “know” in this verse (John 8:32) in the Greek language means more than having an understanding of it in our heads and hearts. It means to experience the truth in daily life – to encounter truth and integrate it into our daily lives so that the truth changes us from the inside out. It means to know and experience in the heart and not just understand or acknowledge with the head. Or, as James states, it means being more than a hearer of the Word on a Sunday – it means working to apply that word day after day in regular life – a doer of the Word.

As believers today – disciples of the Lord – we need to do more than hear a good message and go home feeling like we have done our religious duty, been enlightened by what the pastor has spoken, and now we can move ion the real issues and real life. If you want life as God designed it to be lived – you need to apply everything the preacher said – and everything the Holy Spirit said to you through the words of the preacher and even between the lines of what you were hearing. That is your responsibility as a hearer / doer of the Word. That is what you must do to experience freedom from the truth you are hearing. You must know the truth – experiencing it every day as you apply it to life as it is lived daily…

If you will let the written Word set you free – then the adventure with the Living Word (Jesus) begins afresh as He can then use you to touch the lives of others and help them become transformed through being born again and set free through the same Word (1 Peter 1:23). This is what the Christian life is all about and why Jesus was born in Bethlehem “full of grace and truth.” The truth that set you free and transformed your life is now yours to share with others and He – because the Truth is a person – will set people free as they hear, know, apply, and experience the truth they are discovering in His Word. But, if it has not set you free and transformed your life first – you will certainly find it hard to convince others that they need to know Him who states “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Don;t export what doesn’t work at home first.

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