You Were Once Not Lovable

We are looking at grace as we approach Christmas. Grace states very loudly and in a clear manner that we can only relate to God on the basis of His grace. My good works didn’t earn my standing before God; Jesus had earned my standing before Him. I wasn’t just a lovable guy in need of a personal relationship; I was a sinner who needed to be rescued from God’s just wrath by the death of Jesus. Focusing on this sweet truth makes grace truly amazing. It helps when we are struggling against sin. It helps when we need to forgive others and don’t feel that we can.
When we realize that all that we are and all that we have is a result of His grace then we can truly be thankful to Him. In reality we simply deserve to live out our miserable lives here and then go to Hell for all eternity. But, because of God’s grace we do not face His justice but are offered instead His mercy. Instead of Hell we can have Heaven. Not that we deserve it – but simply because of His grace and the gift of His Son Jesus on that first Christmas. This is why Jesus came “full of grace…” (John 1:14).

In the Church today we think of Jesus as a friend and as someone we found. However, He was not lost – we were. And so He came out of love and found us. He came to “seek and save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10) and rescue us from what we rally deserved to suffer – death and permanent residence in Hell. But, because of His grace we can celebrate life and look forward to eternity with Him in heaven. He is thus more than a “friend to sinners” or our best friend – He is Lord and He is Savior. He is God and we need to remember this when relating to Him on a daily basis. He was not born and He did not die for lovable people or because He wanted to be friends. He was born and He died because of His love and extends that love to us because of His grace – not because we were or even are lovable.

You did not earn this right to take to Creator God – it is a grace gift to you. You are not great and wonderful and a super-terrific friend so that He just can’t wait to hang out with you as you are His best buddy. No, you are a sinner saved by grace and able to come into God’s presence because of His grace gift – Jesus born as a child in Bethlehem.

Never forget – He is God and you are not. He is Lord and you come to Him only out of His grace and never out of your goodness. So, come with an open heart because grace means He will never reject you. But come with a humble heart before your God knowing that it is only as a result

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