It is no laughing matter – as believers we can be a silly bunch of people. We spend half our time trying to fit in with the world and the people we relate to in the world and the other half trying to relate to and fit in with the Christian code of thought and conduct. And, in that 50% where we are relating to the world – we spend half our time trying to fit in with the crowd and the other half trying to stand out from it. Why is this? It seems so universal to human nature and it is an issue, in my opinion, in every nation where I work.

Question: Why can’t we be comfortable with ourselves, knowing that each one of us is unique and that we are all God’s creations, made to reflect His glory and thus His diversity. Why can’t we be comfortable with who we are – and who we are becoming with His help? The world is looking at you – if it knows you are a born again believer – and is smirking behind its paw, whops – hand!

Long ago I adopted an attitude that might work for you as well. I decided that my “beauty” lies in my differences, in the fact that I am not like anyone else. I am uniquely me. Nobody will ever call me “average” or “just like him” or “just another guy.” I may not be the best looking or the smartest in the group, but I am me – and that is who God created me to be – me! Try it … Oh! Don’t be me – be you! And be the best you that you can be!

Know anyone who lives life as a victim? You know, Christian or not – they have a victim mentality. Know anyone who is always feeling sorry for themselves – their issues and their problems are worse than anyone else’s? Of course you do. Most likely a Christian you were talking to today (sorry, couldn’t help myself). They think they are always a victim because they can’t accept who they are and where they are in life. They are having a problem with self-pity because they have never really found themselves in the midst of all that pity they are feeling. Loving and accepting yourself is the only surefire cure for self-pity and victim-hood.

So, right now – go look in a mirror and say, “This is who I am, and I accept the challenge of becoming the best ‘me’ I can be.”

You are beautiful because God created you for His purpose. Your challenge is to find that purpose, fuel it with hope, drive it on with faith, and put your you-niqueness to the highest possible use – glorifying Jesus with your every day life.

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  1. Nic
    Nic says:

    Hi Ralph, I was reminded of a scripture in I John 2:19 where it says they were amongst us and left the christian faith .This is realy an eye opener if you look at the names that is involved.
    This comment is linked to July 9th on Chrislam and has been reposted to that blog….


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