Wow or Whoa

When I was first saved I lived in a state of “wow.” Everything was exciting; everything was awesome; everything was powerful… people were getting saved, people were healed and delivered, the churches in which I worked were growing and the people were also experiencing a sense of “wow.” It seemed that God was real and evident, making His presence known every day, all day.

But, in time, the sense of “wow” because a sense of “whoa.” It happened subtly – the wow just slowly turned into a whoa. I began to wonder if what I was about to do was God, I began to question some of the apparently stupid things we were doing asking myself if they were really acts of faith or simply something we were doing in the flesh.Things became bogged down in planning and organizing and were no longer spontaneous. Excitement turned into boredom. Daily change and adventure turned into stability and sameness. And we had moved subtly from “wow” to “whoa.” I found that we were telling God”whoa” and that we were no longer willing to risk and walk by faith. Safety, comfort and security because the norm. Hot had become lukewarm. And people looked at us and stated that the reason they didn’t attend was boredom and then irrelevancy.

Remember, the church in Revelation 3 where Jesus looked and saw a lack of passion and excitement. They were neither hot or cold – simply lukewarm. They had lost their “wow” and were well into the “whoa” state. They had forgotten, as have many of us, that we are called to be extreme and to live extreme. Many believers, over time, lose their extreme passion they once had for Jesus and subsequently their churches become mediocre, maintenance churches. God calls us to an extreme passion for Him and for the lost, and this is the attraction to those looking on from the outside.

No one starts our lukewarm. But, they slowly drift and the drift is subtle. They slowly slide from “wow” to “whoa.” So, I ask, where are you at right now? Are you still excited and passionate about Jesus, your first love or have you allowed time, circumstances, and life to turn your wow into whoa? If you have, what are you planning to do about it?

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  1. Rachel Blevins
    Rachel Blevins says:

    I know a young man who lives in Turkey. He has visited the 7 cities mentioned in Revelation. He gave me some insight into the Ladodicean church that one would not know apart from the geography of the city.
    There were 2 places of healing situated on either side of Laodicea. One had cold springs and one hot springs–both places of healing. We usually think that “hot” is the better of the two; but given these options, both were viable places of healing. God just asked that we choose one or the other and not become lukewarm. The changes are indeed subtle and we must be aware. Blessings!


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