World-wide Youth Movement – Ukraine Delayed Posting #17

February 28

“Oh, what a feeling” is a line from an oldies but goodies song on the oldies stations in my country. But it describes the evening we have just had. It is 1:00 a.m. where I am and we have had quite the day.

Up early to pack – no shower as there was no water in our end of the city where we are staying. Then a time to say good-bye to the crew that has helped us and facilitated our ministry for the last seven days. A three hour car ride follows down some semi-decent highways and several stops along the way to use the facilities. The first being a brick outhouse on the side of the road with no door and no toilet – just a hole in the cement floor for your convenience. This was better and more private than one we stopped at on the way down that had a large opening (window) facing right on to a very busy highway. You are going to the bathroom almost in plain sight of those passing by.

Our next stop was just at the side of the road and some trees. Ah! I felt much more at home as this is my “normal washroom” when travelling in my home province – either because there are no gas stations on the roads I am travelling or it is well into the middle of the night and they are all closed.

A lunch – filled with questions and answers … an opportunity to unpack and look out the window for a few minutes and then off to the service. We started shortly after five and ended shortly before 10:00 p.m. Powerful night – terrific, in fact! Wonderful. Exciting. Neat. Magnificent!! God really showed up. The worship was super good and then I shared a little of my testimony (love doing that) and then some on the need for the church to be supernatural. This led us to the gifts of the Holy Spirit… and then we demonstrated the gift of prophesy over 22 year old Sasha whom I had never met before.

As I walked into the room (filled to overflowing) I saw this young man sitting and chatting with someone. I instantly knew he was the reason I am in this city and so I called him up so we could prophesy over him and let the others see what I had just taught on. It was a good 30 minute word and then some instructions afterwards.

After the meeting was dismissed I then chatted with him through one of the interpreters who is in the group of apostles-in-training. Great young man with the right heart. His calling – apostle. This is why I am here – to find these young men and women and call them out for the work of the Lord and to be the leaders of a new type of church that is arising within the Ukraine. A prototype for the rest of the world to follow.

Ukrainian youth will rise up and take their rightful place in the Kingdom and will be the leaders of a worldwide youth revival that will sweep the globe like a gigantic tsunami wave that will engulf every nation on the planet and that will see millions come into the Kingdom. This establishing of young apostles and prophets is the initial steps in laying a proper foundation for this move of the Holy Spirit. The churches – and there will be many – that will be established as a result of this move will be like no others upon the face of the Earth. They will not look like nor function like any other currently established church or denomination/network. They will be the Church that Jesus Christ builds based upon a prophetic-apostolic model that will speak and release life to the nations.

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