Wild Stallion

God is looking for some wild stallions who are willing to run with Him in 2013. He is looking for those whose hearts are loyal to Him and open to working with Him. He will show Himself strong, mighty and powerful to those whose hearts and lives are open to obeying and following Him  regardless of the cost. 
In the Church that Jesus is building He wants those who are sold out to Him. Yes, there are things to be accomplished and work to be done; but, first and foremost, we need to be focused on Him and willing to go wherever He takes us and obey whatever He asks of us. After all, He is Lord and expects us to follow and to obey. If we love Him, we will obey Him – His words, not mine. So, love is seen in obedience.

This is the year that the Lord will be moving His Church forward and only those who are hungry for more of God and all of God will willingly run with Him. Those that are not wanting more and simply want security and stability will think the others are wild and reckless. But, deep down inside they really want what they see others grabbing hold of. With a little encouragement they too will start to run and begin, once again, to enjoy the adventure.

This is the year when Jesus will be leading His Church into unknown territory; a year when we will have to run by faith and not be sight. This is a year of massive change – no longer just making a few minor adjustments. Abandon yourself to Him and enjoy His Church and your Christian faith in 2013….

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