Whose Voice Are You Listening To?

“Who told you that you were naked? This was the question that God asked Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden just after their fall into sin – the Fall that has affected every human being ever born ever since. God had spoken the universe and the world into existence with His words. The whole universe was a reflection of God’s voice. Everything was formed and informed only by His voice.

When God saw that the first couple had fallen, He did not ask them, “Why did you do this?” or “What happened?” He simply asked them, “Who told you that you were naked?” In other words, what or whose voice have you been listening to? What other voice did you choose to replace Mine with?” We could ask the same question today. Church, whose voice have you been listening to? The creative voice of the living God whose words today are still “spirit and life (John 6:63) or some other voice?

So many believers are listening to so many voices – but, are the listening to the voice of God? The Bible states in John, chapter ten, that when we are born again and become “sheep” that we can hear God’s voice. We not only can hear His voice – we recognize that it is His voice. And, we are then to follow Him, the Voice, and obey what we hear because we love Him. But, we often substitute other voices – our peers, the media of the day, the political voice, our family, our opinion – and follow them instead. The become strongholds in our minds and in our daily life.

However, like Peter’s answer to Jesus’ question in John, chapter 6 we should be thinking, “where else would we go – You alone have the words of life.” And, if we believe this then we must listen to, hear, heed, and obey these words of life from the Voice who created and releases all life.

So, whose voice have you you been listening to? What other voice did you choose to replace God’s voice with? Man’s voice? The senior leader or pastor of your church? A denominational voice? Your friend’s voice? Your mentor’s advice? Why have we complicated it? We are all priests and as part of His family we can know and hear His voice. Check out what you hear? Yes, of course, seek wisdom and input. The Bible states, there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors. But, stop blindly following other voices, look at and focus on Jesus, and listen. Stop, look, and listen. Then follow what you hear after speaking with others who are wiser and stronger in the faith.

Remember, you are His – He redeemed you and you confessed Him as your Lord and Master. Remember, it is His Church as He birthed it on the first Day of Pentecost and continues to build it according to His plan and His blueprint. Remember, we are here to fulfill His task of seeking and saving the lost. Remember, it is all about Him. His voice, His Words, are really all that matter.

So, stop, look, and listen… and ask yourself, “Whose voice am I listening to?”

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