Who Are You?

When we are born again and come to personally know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour the Bible states that we become “new creatures in Christ” (2 Corinthians 5:17). This is different than “Christ in you the hope of glory” as mentioned elsewhere in Scripture. Being “in Christ” means walking with Him, knowing Him intimately, being in His presence, and experiencing His power to bring life-change.

Today it seems that many “hold to the outward form of our religion but deny the power…” (2 Timothy 3:5) to bring life change (the context of the verse). They say they are born again but life remains the same after salvation as it was before salvation. The same attitude, the same thoughts, the same lifestyle… It is like they received “fire insurance” so that they think they are not going to hell when they die and that is all that being a believer and a Christian is all about. Not true.

It appears to me that it is time to examine our inner life and see what is in the heart and soul. Why start on the inside? Because all real and permanent change begins in the heart and works outwards to our life-style, words and actions. We need to slow down and examine our lives – taking a real honest look at who we really are “in Christ.” Maybe even take hold of some of the reality that being “in Christ” entails. More than knowing truth – letting the truth set you free even thought it may first make you somewhat miserable and hard to live with.

An ancient philosopher once said that an unexamined life is not worth living. I totally agree. And, I believe that God is calling every true believer on a journey of self-discovery. He said, “Follow Me…” and He will certainly lead us through this journey. But, first, we must decide to actually take the journey with him. This will mean getting over the fear of what we might find. This means being willing to deal with what you discover – the good, the bad, the ugly. This means becoming involved in massive changes to the very core of your being – who you are, why you are like you are, and who you are becoming “in Christ.”

Once you discover what is on the inside you then begin to make changes on the outside to come into line with the inner discoveries. Changes such as the way you relate to people; the way you care for or don’t care for your physical body; your personal ‘presentation’ (clothes, car, house, lifestyle); your friends; what you do with your spare time; your attitude and approach to life, your relationship with Jesus, your responsibilities as a Kingdom Christian.  A total makeover.

It is time for every believer to go on a journey of self-discovery. It is not an easy journey but it is an essential one. It is time to get to know yourself – the real you on the inside, not the ‘outside you’ that you put on to face the world every day. Who are you in Christ? There is freedom to be received as you take this journey – real freedom. To be yourself – the real you as God designed and created you to be – is the most freeing experience you can ever have.

After all, the Bible states that Jesus is the same today, yesterday, and forever and does not change. So, if you have a personal relationship with Him then obviously you are going to change. The beginning of the change happens by starting on your journey of self-discovery. Find out who you are right now and who the Bible states you could be in Christ and then work to reconcile the two and become who you were designed by God to be.

Then, once you discover who you are – you can finally take a look at what God has called you to do with your life. In other words, grapple with His plan and purpose for your life – for the real you.

The soundtrack for the original CSI series on television has the words “who are you?” repeated over and over again. It is a good question that needs you to discover your answer.

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