What’s the Point?

Once in a while it would be good for the believer to sit down, still their inner-ness and remove external distractions and then ask themselves the question: “What’s the point?” Today would be a good day for all of us to do that. Take 30 minutes and ask ourselves “What’s the point?”

What’s the point of running so fast, working so hard, spending so much, owning more stuff, owing so much, going more places, meeting more people, doing more things? I mean, really – what is the point of all the endless activity, noise, motion and commotion?

Unless you sit down and ask that question once in a while – how about monthly? – you will simply find yourself in motion filled with emotion and going absolutely nowhere that is important. Motion for the sake of motion, noise for the sake of noise, talking for the sake of talking. Asking the question allows you to refocus things and bring everything back into perspective and thus down to size.

Unless you sit down and ask that question once in a while you will not grow in your relationship with the Lord. That question is a way for you to open the door of your life to self-examination and see things the way the Lord sees them This question allows you the opportunity to invite the Holy Spirit in to the “pointless” activities and “go nowhere important motion” asking Him to show you His will for that area of your life and what needs to be changed, removed or added.

Unless you sit down and ask that question once in a while your relationships with other people will be surface interaction which has no long-term benefit to anyone. If you have in-depth relationships they to will end up as surface interaction if you don’t take time to ask “What’s the point?” And, if the relationship is simply friendly and you only talk about the weather and sports then asking yourself “What’s the point?” will allow the Lord to show you where He wants that relationship to go and how to develop it so that it both meaningful and beneficial to all involved.

Asking “What’s the point?” allows you to refocus on the call upon every believer’s life – to go into all the world and seek and save the lost. So, asking “What’s the point?” allows you to look at all of your activities, motion, talk, and relationships in light of the generic calling upon your life as a Christ follower. It reminds you that every action, every relationship, every casual contact has a point. The point is that these people need to be saved or born again and you are one of the major influencers in their life to bring them to that point. That’s the point of almost everything we do as believers and every relationhip we have with non-believers.

Someone once said that, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” I agree! And, the question, “What’s the point?” allows you to begin the long process of taking a good look at who you are without all the attachments, activities, relationships, and motion and then determining what needs to change so that you live a life more pleasing to the Lord whom you follow. Otherwise you are simply another rat running in the rat race and even if you win that simply makes you #1 rat!

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