What’s that Noise?!

There is some tremendous new music being written by young people around the world. Music is always a driving force in the spirit realm which is why the devil owns so much of the music we hear. As well, new music always precedes a fresh move of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit has begun to bring major change to God’s people – the Church – you see a literal flood of new songs leading the way into the future.

The new music for a fresh moving of the Holy Spirit is often radically different than what is currently being experienced and enjoyed in local churches. This is the case today as the music is being written by young men and women called to lead in their generation. The  leaders in new worship this time also happen to be called to the ministry of apostles and prophets. After all, this current move we are now beginning to experience is all about becoming prophetic so we walk in the supernatural and apostolic so we walk supernaturally in the world. There will be an additional flavor added later in the decade when the emphasis on reaching the lost becomes the focus of the apostolic and prophetic and apostles and prophets begin to work in teams leading the saints out into the world.

Begin now to listen to the change in emphasis and style of the music being recorded and released and say “yes Lord” to what has begun

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