What Zone Are You In?

We are living in a season when change is the key word. Everything is changing and as a result there is tremendous turmoil in the world. There are those who are leading the change and they are usually young and are using ‘people power’ and social media to bring about the changes they want and, in many cases, the world needs. 

There are those who are apposing the changes because they simply like what they already have and are not in favour of change or innovation in any area for any reason. 

And, you have a third group – often the largest of the three – who simply don’t care one way or the other. They are either apathetic or simply out of touch with what is happening in the world and in their small corner of the world.

I have observed that we all tend to fall into one of four different zones when it comes to innovation and change. Which zone we live in impacts how we live, how we relate to others, how we lead, and what we achieve. Here are the zones, along with the attitude statements that best represent them:

1> THE COASTING ZONE – “I do as little as possible”

2> THE COMFORT ZONE – “I do what I have always done”

3> THE CHALLENGE ZONE – “I attempt to do what I haven’t done before”

4> THE CREATIVE ZONE – “I attempt to think what I have never thought before”

To which zone do you naturally gravitate? Do you tend to live in the coasting zone, casually – even passively – doing as little as possible? Do you tend to stay in the comfort zone, avoiding risks? Do you connect with the challenge zone, where you try new things and willingly risk failure? Or do you try to stretch yourself the furthest by living in the creative zone, where you explore new ideas, seek out other perspectives, and cross bridges in your imagination long before you physically reach them?

The good news is that we have the ability to choose a zone different from our natural one. And I would recommend the creative zone, because it is where we experience abundance and expand our potential. If you want to take your walk with Jesus and your life journey to ever-higher levels and fulfill the potential God has placed within you then you need to shift from whatever zone you are currently living the majority of your life in and enter the challenge zone and then the creative zone.

Don’t settle for what is when there is so much more within you that needs to be expressed so that you reach your full potential and then the Church and God’s Kingdom can benefit.