What Would Jesus Do

From a very old book that was eventually made into a black and white movie (I actually have a copy) the Christian world has come to know WWJD – what would Jesus do. The thesis of the book or the main concept is to think about what Jesus would do were He in the situation that you are currently facing. Then, of course, to do it.

I believe we need to upgrade this familiar concept and ask ourselves WIJD – What Is Jesus Doing?. I believe that Jesus is active in each and every life; He is doing something in each and every situation and in all circumstances. So, it is best to ask ourselves what is He doing right now and then get involved in that very same activity. It is better to say, “What is God doing and thus blessing right now?” and become involved then to hypothetically try to figure out what Jesus might do and then maybe do it. So often we start something – even what we believe Jesus might do were He in this situation – and ask Him to bless out actions. It is far better to find out what He is already blessing and get involved in that.

Jesus is very active in the life of His people and in the lives of those who do not know Him. He told us that the Holy Spirit would convict the world (John 16:7-11) and so this means that His Spirit is with every unsaved person we meet each day (John 14:17) working to bring them to the point of recognizing their sins so that they would come to the cross and be saved. So, as we approach someone, talk to the person behind the counter at the store, ask yourself “What Is Jesus Doing right now in this person’s life?…” and then jump in with confidence and speak on His behalf to the person. It will be blessed – empowered.

Every Christian can see, hear, and touch God. (1 John 1:1-4; John 10:10) and so daily we need to be walking with Him (that is what His disciples do) and listen for His voice and simply obey whatever He tells us to do or say – thus becoming involved in what He is already busy doing. This way we become involved in what He is blessing already and become blessed ourselves.

It takes practice to become sensitive to the spiritual realm that is all around us but it is not difficult to do if you are truly born again and thus have a personal relationship with Jesus. A relationship presupposes that you can see, hear and touch and be touched by Him.

So, what is Jesus doing right now?

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