What Occupies Your Time?

It is mid-morning as I sit in front of my computer screen to write this blog. A blog that was suppose to be written and published yesterday. But, yesterday happened and my writing time simply seemed to vanish. There was a lot to accomplish yesterday and by the time the day was over a number of things simply did not receive any of my time or attention. So, late last night I sat for a few minutes to think through what I had spent my time doing throughout the day and why a blog did not warrant any of my time or attention. Why it seemed not to be a priority when it should have been.

Arising out of this not unique experience of running out of time before running out of things needing to be accomplished I asked myself, “What occupies my time?” And so I ask you the same question: “What occupies your time?”

May I be so bold as to mention a few observations I have made recently.

1> A number of believers seem to be preoccupied with a number of conspiracy theories that are still going the rounds out there. I am connected to enough social media apps to note how often these conspiracy theories pop up and how emotionally some people’s involvement is.

2> The amount of time and effort that goes into the “latest prophetic words” from some of the leading ministries in the United States… and even some not-so-well known ministries complements of several on-line web sites that major in sharing every prophetic word obviously, at times, without testing them to God’s Word. 

3> The sharing of news items off of some questionable web sites which can very quickly be disproved as simply not true. One recently I read I knew was wrong (the man supposedly involved had been shot dead when I was a teenager) could be disproved in less than 90 seconds simply by a little basic research and some common sense. 

4> Teachings that are supposedly based in Scripture (Scripture is quoted) that are seriously not biblical and certainly not doctrinally sound. But, because they are from either well known ministries or are well presented by a charismatic teacher or preacher people believe what is being taught and share the links with others.

5> People’s pet peeves which they simply won’t let go. And which they seem to take some pleasure in sharing with others. 

And I also note that in many of the on-line posts by believers and followers of Jesus He is seldom mentioned. The topics shared and discussed are many and varied but seldom is Jesus discussed. The focus is so often “us” and not Him, our situations and not the Kingdom’s agenda. And, in fact, seldom do people share what they are learning in their Bible reading and study which might edify others when shared.

So, join me please in examining what occupies your time as a believer. And, then let’s all be honest and real with ourselves and make some needed adjustments.