What Kind of Christian Are You?

There are four kinds of Christians that are appearing on the radar screen as I travel from nation to nation and from church to church… Three of the four are being shaken in the season we are currently in. God is shaking His Church and many are coming to realize that something is wrong in their walk with the Lord. God is awaking them so that they will come to realize that they are in need of being renewed spiritually in this new season.
The first group are totally demoralized; the second group are very close to falling away from the faith as they are living their lives too close to the line, too near the edge and often don’t know it – or, if they do, they simply don’t see it as a problem. The third group is simply drifting through life not even knowing that they are not contributing much if anything to the Kingdom and should be.

The first group consists mainly of pastors and “professional” church leaders. Many are leaving the ministry or retiring early. For some, the times in which we live seem to be changing too much and too fast for them to keep up. Their training has not prepared them for what those in full-time ministry now face and need to deal with on a daily basis. They are totally demoralized and frustrated with the lack of response and what they are now experiencing in the Church.

The second group are believers who are living in the world and like the world. They have adopted the ways of the world, the values of the world, the pleasures of the world, as well as the morals of the world. They still believe they are walking with God and that everything is okay between them and the Lord. However, their spiritual lives lack life and are no longer dynamic – if they ever were – and they are so close to the edge it is hard to tell them from non-believers.

The third group seem to be unaware that, as disciples, they are called to be fruitful. In fact, Jesus has called each and every disciple to bear fruit, much fruit and eternal fruit. This group within the Church seems to be totally unaware that are called to be effective and efficient as believers and thus impacting the world around them with the good news that Jesus saves.

These three groups are being seriously shaken as God removes all religious and traditional junk from within His people. They are being awakened to the condition of their souls and are being urged by the Holy Spirit to respond. Many are not. Those that are responding find themselves thinking “there has to be more to Christianity than this?” They know deep down that Christ died for more than they are experiencing in their Christian walk and are asking for change. The change has come in the form of severe shaking.

If you fall into one of these three categories, you need to remember that you are not alone – Jesus has not left you. You need to pull away from the crowd, withdraw for a few days, get alone with God and seek spiritual renewal. You need quality time with God where He can show you the true condition of your heart and soul – and thus your life – and where you can acknowledge your need for spiritual renewal and ask Him to shake you and remove those things that are at the root of the problem.

The forth group are hungry for the Lord and willing to pay any price and do anything necessary to not lose sight of Him and to follow close beside Him. No cost is too great; no change is too risky; no hurdle too high. They are willing to let go of the past and the present to grab hold of the future. They have said in their hearts – “it is all or nothing, Lord.”

Thee is a whole lot of shaking going on and some are falling out while others fall forward into the future. Which group are you in?

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