What Are You Waithing For?

During my recent visit to Ukraine we spent a morning ministering to pastors and their spouses at a restaurant. Bob MacDonald taught on the ministry of apostles and prophets and then the team members whom we had invited to the morning (Andrew, Igor and Miroslav) helped us to minister prophetically over a number of those in attendance.

It is this type of morning when we teach and minister to leaders – pastors, apostles, prophets, worship leaders and church planters – that gives us the biggest return on our investment of time and personal energy. Here we were able to seriously impact God’s leaders for a city of 2 million – and several surrounding cities also fairly large in size. By transforming the life of leaders we can then indirectly influence their people and they can effect the eternal destiny of their family, friends and those they work with.

As a result of this one meeting I have received a number of invites to minister in three different cities represented by the men and women who shared a meal and worship with us that Saturday morning. The invites include training for leaders, prophetic evangelism and soul-winning in general, training of pastors, the gifts seminar I have taught here in North America for years, how to disciple, equip and mentor others as well as further teaching on the ministry of prophecy and the training of apostles, prophets and five-fold evangelists. All from one morning breakfast fellowship when we were given the opportunity to minister the love and power of God the Father.

God’s grace is so amazing – even the fact that He has us involved in such a powerful ministry that is impacting nations and changing individual lives forever – amazing! Neat! Awesome! Wonderful!. It is all God – as I am only doing what He spoke in His Word (Bible) and through the prophetic words spoken over my life during the last ten years. It is all Him! And, He will do the same with and through you if you will make yourself available and be willing to do what He speaks to you. But first, you must be already doing what the Bible tells us you should be doing.

Often we are waiting for a prophetic word from the Lord (through some well-known and recognized prophetic voice) to release us to minister overseas or in the calling we know that we have on our lives. We sit and we wait and nothing every happens. That’s because you are waiting for God to speak (which is a good thing) and yet not doing anything with what He has already spoken.

His Words as recorded in your Bible tell us what we, as believers, are to be doing. And, if you are not doing the basics or the foundational things then the Lord will certainly not speak and release you to do things over and above the basics. He does not build the house (ministry) until the foundation is in place and that foundation consists of the basic commandments of the New Testament and involvement in the mandate of the Church to win the lost.

Become involved in the life of a local church – I mean really involved – working alongside those who are leading it, praying, tithing and giving, serving, witnessing – and be faithful and consistent in all that you do – then the Lord will speak further instructions (prophetic words) to begin to widen your sphere of influence and ministry impact.

Too many are doing too little in their home churches waiting for promotion and that prophetic launch into a big, powerful ministry. Won’t happen. The Bible states:
1> Faithful in little – given much
2> Faithful in what belongs to another – given what will belong to you
3> Faithful in the natural – given the supernatural

Then God will speak – and give you more to accomplish for Him with greater challenges to face. It is all so logical – and biblical at the same time.

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  1. Sergei
    Sergei says:

    Someone said that a ministry is a revelation plus sufferings. In other words, ministry has its own price. Even revelation comes with price (we have to be obedient to one revelation to get another). Whenever we receive revelation trials will come to test our faithfulness. Faithfulness is the key. If we are not faithful in what the Lord has already committed to us, He will not entrust us with more.

    It is required in stewards that one be found faithful (1Cor. 4:2).


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