Well, It Is 2015!

The year has changed and it is now 2015. So what? Will 2015 actually be any different than 2014? I mean, what is going to make 2015 different than 2014 for you personally? You will, if you are like most believers, make a few New Year’s resolutions – all of which will fall by the road side by the end of the first month if not sooner. And then you will be back to “same old, same old” and will simply repeat 2014 all over again. But, it does not have to be this way. Things can change.

The Bible states that we, disciples of Jesus, are “new creatures (creation) in Christ” (2 Corinthians 5:17). This means we are, by being born again, different than we were. We have entered God’s Kingdom; we are children of God; we have the Holy Spirit leading us into truth that will set us free; we are guided and directed by the living God in all that we do (if we ask); we have godly wisdom (again, if we ask); we walk in His presence as we are ‘people of His presence;’ and, we have the power of God residing in and upon us. So, excuse me for being so bold, but every day should be different than the day before thus making each new year really different from the previous year.

So, let’s make 2015 the year we literally take being a “new creation” seriously. Let’s decide to walk in the presence and power of God very day of the new year – how about, every minute. Let’s pay the cost to be powerful and different… which means deciding to be powerful and not popular. You see, you can’t be both. A decision like this will separate you from some family members, friends, and even other believers. But then, Jesus said that He did not come to bring peace but a sword and to separate mother from daughter, son from father…

What is it that you want in 2015? Comfort, security and safety? Then you will not be empowered and embolden by the Holy Spirit. You will not accomplish what Jesus has called you to do. More importantly, you will not become all God wants you to be. For 2015 to be different than 2014 you will need to be different, changed, emboldened, empowered, will to risk everything for the King and the Kingdom regardless of the cost.

2015 will be different than 2014 – if you are different. It will be better than 2014 if you will embrace the challenges that Jesus has prepared for you as you walk with Him; as you walk by faith and not by sight.

Time to “walk up” spiritually and release the “new creature in Christ” that we became the moment we were born again.

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  1. Rachel Blevins
    Rachel Blevins says:

    One cannot do mighty exploits in safety mode! This reaffirms what’s on my heart at the end of last year and today as a new year begins.

    I’ve been meditating on the word EMMANUEL–God with us! I want to grasp in fuller measure His presence and the fullness of joy available for me.

    “Presence” is imperative as we interact with others to demonstrate His love for them. I cannot affect those in my sphere of influence without being fully present.

  2. Brent
    Brent says:

    Fresh talk on the Internet(TB Joshua) is that 2015 is the Year of God’s Judgement on the Nations, like in the old testament. True or False let that put fresh pep in everyone’s step to reach-out to old friends and young ones.

    Pour into the ones who receive your loving concern for them.

  3. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Hi Brent, I suggest that you not believe everything you read on the internet. The Old Testament judgment of cities and nations is not for today. If preachers and especially those who have a large following like T.B. Joshua would stick to speaking the Gospel of the Kingdom and letting people know how God revealed His love and heart through Jesus’s birth, death, and resurrection we would see more people come into the Kingdom and into a wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ. Fear and talk of severe judgment on nations wins no one into the Kingdom. My opinion, the Bible trumps T.B. Joshua and the many other men who are getting rich off of gullible and naive believers looking for someone to follow and believe in because they took their eyes off of Jesus and the Church that He is building.


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