Welcome to Your Future

God is inviting you into your future. He has been there and is inviting you to go with Him into His perfect will and divine plan for your life. He is not keeping your destination a secret. He wants you to know what it is He is calling you to be and, as a result, what He is calling you to do for Him. He is inviting – not forcing you – to walk with Him into the greatest adventure you will ever know. Yes, you will need to change. Yes, you will find it challenging at times. Yes, it will require effort and even sacrifice. Yes, it will be difficult but challenging nonetheless. And, He will guarantee that, upon arriving, you will not have even one small regret and will be sincerely glad that you said yes to His plan and purpose.

Sound too good to be true. It isn’t! It is exactly what Jesus is offering should you choose to follow Him regardless the cost to you personally. The Christmas story in theScriptures is filled with men and women who said “yes” and began a journey that took them right into the very heart of God and eventually into eternity. Mary, Elizabeth, Zechariah, the shepherds, Joseph, Anna and Simeon – their lives were changed forever because they touched the heart of God. Your life can be changed forever as well – today. Just say “yes” to Him and His will for your life. Just pray, “not my will but Your will be done” here in my life and then let go and let God do what He is so good at – guiding, directing, and blessing you beyond what you imagine or pray.

It is that simple – so simple that even a child can do it. After all, if you want to enter the Kingdom you must do so as a little child. Not with childish behaviour but with child-like trust and faith. Don’t complicate it. The Kingdom and a true supernatural walk is not complicated. Religion wants to complicate everything – but what we have is not a religion. The Christian faith is not a religion – it is a personal relationship with the King of this supernatural Kingdom and that is not complicated. Simply relate to Him each and every day and do what He asks you to do. Simple – not complicated.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem to remove the man-made, complicated rules of religion and to establish a way to have a relationship with Him and His Heavenly Father, our God. So, walk with Him who said He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Your future is waiting.

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