Weird or Normal?

As you enter or exit a plane almost anywhere in the world you walk a long corridor to reach the plane when getting on and the terminal when exiting the plane. In almost every major airport these long, portable walkways have signs along the walls. These are advertising HSBC – the world’s local bank. We have a branch in the city here.

They are neat signs – bright and colourful. They come in sets of two such as the pictures in this blog and always in vivid colors.  You have two pictures side by side – the words always contrast each other … here love / loathe but could be traditional / modern or love / hate or beauty / ugly. You get the idea.  Then the two pictures repeat as you walk further into the plane or terminal and this time the one that originally said it was one way now says it is the other way. These signs speak volumes.

Here’s my choice for a similar sign I would like to see hung in local churches.

I believe that everyone needs to come to a place in their lives where they understand that each person is unique and that it is okay to be different – even radically different. And, that what you consider normal can be very weird to someone else and what you consider weird can be normal to another person. This really becomes evident when travelling overseas and living with and in different cultures. What would be considered strange and weird here is considered normal there and what we think is normal and acceptable in everyday life would be written off as really weird. It is like the old saying – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

My point: we are going to need to learn to accept what we don’t understand and, at times, don’t even agree with. We are going to have to, as a church, learn to simply love and accept people who are vastly different than we are and whose lifestyles or approach to life as simply total opposites to the way we see and approach things. Because you think something or someone is weird does not mean God sees them that way. Apparently He has a different vantage point than we do.

For the Christian to win others to the Lord; for the world to see that we are disciples of the Lord; for the Church to grow and become a power to be reckoned with we need to understand that it is alright to be who you are and to be the best you that you can be – even if someone else may think you are really weird.

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