Weepers and Reapers

The Church has a reason for existing and taking up space on this planet. It’s purpose and thus task is to “seek and save the lost.” (Luke 19:10).

There are two things believers can do right now but will not be able to do when they arrive in Heaven. Sin and evangelize. Guess which one God wants individual Christians to do while still here on Earth!

In spite of these two FACTS churches are dying at a tremendous rate throughout North America. Every month hundreds of churches are closing their doors permanently. What often began with a bang and in the fires of revival – after living in the ashes for years – dies without a wimper and no one even notices or cares.

Erwin McManus states, “The real tragedy is not that churches are dying but that churches have lost their reason to live!”

We need to dial back into our cause again. We need to grasp that the Church was founded by Jesus and that He is still the Head of the Church. And, the task we have been called to do – The Great Commission – is still the same today as it was when He first spoke it just before ascending into Heaven (Matthew 28:18-20).

And never doubt that darkness wants to keep us contained in the land of irrelevancy where we are busy doing what doesn’t work, where it doesn’t matter anyway.

We need to see a shift take place soon. We have to make a shift from just accomodating weekly Christian programs to empowering an army of believers to take their place and harvest in mainstream society. The chief goal of this hour must be to produce Christians who are not living for the next thrill, but are looking to take the next piece of enemy territory!

We need believers who are willing to be weepers and reapers. To have such a heavy burden for the lost that they will weep before the throne of grace on behalf of lost souls going to hell. And, will then stand tall and move into the spiritual darkness and share “the Gospel which is the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16) and thus reap the harvest. These are the men and women, young and old that Jesus spoke about when He stated that the harvest is ripe and ready but that the laborers were few (Matthew 9:37). Time to be weepers and reapers.

Time to grab hold of our reason for living once again!

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