Wednesday and It Is Challenging

I am into a very challenging time. There were some decisions made on Tuesday morning that were then reversed late Tuesday night. I was involved in the planning and organizing in the morning and agreed to some things… by late evening text messages were indicating that some of those not involved in the morning session were not pleased with the decisions and had, in some way, managed to have them reversed. Today, therefore, will be even more challenging as I sort out these changes and, more importantly, the reasons for the reversal as well as the emotions behind it. Prayer needed.

Today I meet with some young men – they are helping to build a church called The Upper Room. Great young men. Then I am having a lunch meeting with several pastors from The Marion Center in Marion, Ohio. One I have met with before the other I have not. Following that – time to sort through what changed late last night with the person who initiated the change and let me know by text late last night. Then, a supper meeting with two pastoral couples before heading home. It needs to be an early night back to where I stay as I have preparation work to complete for some events I am involved in on Thursday. Your prayers for all of these meetings would be greatly appreciated.

This trip is quickly winding down… two more full days and then a day to travel home (Friday). It has been a good trip but a challenging one. I have grown some, learned a lot, and given a lot. Can’t ask for more, I guess.

I personally appreciate all your prayers and support. This trip and what has been accomplished would not have been possible without your prayers.

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