Wednesday Already

When working on an apostolic trip time goes by very quickly. There is no routine. You start work as soon as you are awake and end work as you fall into bed. If there is a little time between meetings, appointments or services you take out your iPad and continue building the lists: things to follow-up on, things to talk to so-and-so about, things to think through, things to discuss at the next meeting… And so the minutes, hours, and days gallop by very quickly, too quickly. And, suddenly you are half way through the 10 day trip and working on the second half and the downhill slide to towards the trip home.

Today I have a meeting with a young apostle-in-training that I have prophesied over several times. He has some questions. The pastor and his wife will be involved because they are an apostle-prophet team and they too are interested to learn and grow. Then some time with the host pastor and wife and more questions. The lunch meal will give me opportunity to come to know them better and to build relationally. Later in the day, working into a supper meeting and another evening of talk and prayer, I meet with the pastor and his wife from The Upper Room located in Carrington, Ohio. I will be ministering to their people on Saturday and Sunday night. I have prophesied over them both during this trip as well as the last trip. We are building relationally as well as looking into their words to see what they are to do next and to help them to move forward into their divine destiny.

A full people day Please pray for Mark and Diane, Jamie and Ruth, and Jake. Your prayers are appreciated and are touching this ministry powerfully.

My apologies for the regular blogs disappearing after Monday but time has not permitted me to record my thoughts and ideas since arriving here on Friday… they will return as soon as possible.

Picture: Jamie (apostle-in-training) as we walked and talked in the State Park for several hours yesterday.

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