We Serve An Amazing God

God is amazing the way He opens doors. All we have to do is listen to His voice and obey what we hear. I heard God speak many years ago that my ministry would be opening up in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and that He would make a way where they was no way. And I just knew that all I had to do was listen to what He told me to do and do it – and that He would handle the rest. And He has.

The work in Eastern Europe and Central Asia keeps expanding … new countries are being added (Armenia, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova) to our travel plans along with a massive increase in our work in Russia and maintaining our work in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

New doors are opening such as having just be made a professor at Moscow Presbyterian Theological Seminary and its mother seminary in Souel, Korea. This connection will open many other doors for us in other nations as well as in Korea itself. On top of open doors it means regular work teaching the students who are training for ministry. As well it opens doors in Presbyterian seminaries in other former Soviet Union nations.

A new opportunity has opened for us in Belarus where we have ministered before but not in the last 18 months due to losing our contact there. Just this week we have agreed to develop a ministry school in Armenia starting from scratch and developing it over the next several years as well as teaching in it twice a year for 2 weeks each time (spring and fall). As well, we are opening a ministry school in Moscow in April and will begin training and equipping people for the work of ministry. The United States is also beginning to open its doors to this ministry as prophesied by Denny Cramer 30 months ago.

It has been an amazing journey over the last fifteen+ years and one that has really never been easy. Hard work, shortages of resources and manpower, sickness, opposition from a false apostle and a Hindu spirit, betrayal…and yet through all of it I simply trusted the prophetic words that the Lord had spoken about my life and ministry over the years. He is faithful. All we need to do is to listen and do what He tells us to do and leave the rest to Him. He is willing, He is able and He is actually eager to see His plans come to pass through us.

All of this will require major changes in the way I live and work. I am aware that these increased responsibilities and new opportunities to minister in many new churches and situations will require more time away from home as well as much more preparation time while at home. The apostolic trips will need to be longer to include all the places we need to go and work that needs to be done while keeping travel costs to a minimum. These changes will impact every aspect of our ministry – staff, resources, facilities, office equipment, costs of communication while travelling… much needs to be looked at and changes need to be made. Many decisions need to be made. But, God is the One who has opened the door to these opportunities and we will simply walk through the open doors believing God and, as His word promises, “it will be done according to our faith” (Matthew 9:29).

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