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Monday – a quieter day with a few hours of “office” work (the trouble with laptop computers and wireless connections) so I was able to keep up on some current emails although did not manage any of the substantial backlog that exists. Also managed to record some thoughts and feelings about the trip and ministry so far although it is definitely early into the trip here. A walk with my administrator to just get outside and away from things and people and to see this subdivision of Minsk that we have been staying in for two days and then lunch and a time of prophetic ministry over the pastor’s daughter … then headed to Pastor Vladimir’s for a time of fellowship and prayer. He lives and pastors in Minsk and I had met him for a minute at yesterday moning’s service. Again prayer and prophetic ministry over his wife and over him and his business and church.

Evening service in the city of Berezino ministering for and staying with (for the night) a Pastor Dima. This church had been planted by our previous host before he handed it off to this pastor 5 years ago … a young man with three young children.

Late night: It has been an interesting day praying for healings … the lady , who since last August, has been unable to walk and the doctors cannot find out what the problem is. Then, after supper we drive very fast (145 Km an hour) to Berezino arriving late for the service. Good worship, small group (maybe 30) and mostly older people. Again, after teaching and then prophesying over 4 people the service ended and the line-up began. We prayed for a little girl with cerebral palsy, a deaf teenager, a young schizophrenic, a severe diabetic, and several others … Wow! Everywhere we are going on this trip we are praying for healings… and there was one opportunity to work with someone that needs deliverance that we passed up due to the time schedules they have us on.

Here in Berezino I preached without a microphone as the police monitor this church’s “airwaves”. This way they heard only my interpreter who would be speaking Russian and they would not raid us should they be listening. The pastor was accepted very well here until he registered ‘too many’ Americans during the course of a year (all visitors must register in the city they are visiting as I will be doing this afternoon) and so they became concerned. They monitored his actions including a trip to bless kids in an orphanage and then clamped down on his visitors and on him. They interrogated him for four hours (like the KGB) and, in the end, he was forbidden to preach for a period of three months and now has to obtain a permit to preach (6 months in length) or simply stop. He is being very careful at the moment as he does not want to cause any more ripples as he could be expelled to his home nation.

Fellowship over a fish supper (frequent meal here – fish caught locally on the many lakes and rivers) and plain rice followed by a fruit tea. Good way to end the day and head for bed. The smell of wood burning was very prevalent throughout our time here as almost all houses are heated by wood. The city has just had natural gas reach it but it has yet to create the system to distribute it and, as the pastor lives down a road outside the main part of the city it may be decades before the natural gas is available on his “street” … the mud path that passes as a street – I actually feared that the van we were in would not make it to the house due to the mud and the very large holes (craters) in the road.

It has been a long day… but, I believe a good one.

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  1. Sharon Kuhn
    Sharon Kuhn says:

    Just a short note to encourage and let you know that you and the team you are ministering with are in our prayers and we also extend our prayers to the people to whom are ministering as well.
    I also believe that not only is God going to accompany the preaching of the truth with signs and wonders in the form of numerous healings, but demons are litterally going to flee before the presence of a Holy God. We must prepare ourselves for deliverance ministry as well.
    Way of Wisdom Church


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