We Approach Our First Sunday

It is Saturday – well more like, “it was Saturday” as the day has come to an end. We have been teaching and ministering since 10:00 this morning and the day is now done as it is close to 1:30a Sunday. It has been a good day – of course, I have to say that as I am slightly biased. God was good and really ministered to the people assembled all day (a cloudy and somewhat rainy day) here in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Today was a complete second day for our Walking in the Supernatural seminar in Russian – two teachers working at presenting the material in a way that brings people forward many light years with respect to their gifts and callings – who they really are in Jesus – and how to walk supernaturally with Him each and every day. We had a three hour morning session, a three hour afternoon session and a three hour evening session. People received great understanding and tremendous insights into scriptural truths that will truly, I believe, revolutionize their lives.

It was especially good to see a number of young people out (20 to 25% of those in attendance) as this is the age group (17 to 35) that this ministry is truly called to impact. And, I believe, the generation that is looking for the supernatural and something of significance to invest their lives in. They are not interested in the politics and ongoing and endless programming that occupies so much time in so many religious structures. They simply want to encounter and experience God. And, because of this God will use them in a mighty way in every nation where and when they respond to His call upon their lives to truly “follow Me” and develop a meaningful, in-depth personal love relationship with Him.

The day ended and we went for a walk to pick up some more yogurt for breakfast (alright – and some more wonderful Ukrainian dark chocolate) and then were sitting around having fresh fruit salad and yogurt as a night time treat when the pastor and his wife appeared and joined us for fellowship. They have been very pleased with what has transpired here during the last three days while we have been with them.

However, the topic turned, early in the three hours we shared together, to a phone call they had received the day that we arrived here to minister for them. There have been some issues that the leader of a group of churches here in Ukraine has about our ministry. For almost a year I have been working at finding out what the concerns are that this leader has. We agreed to meet to discuss the issues and made some suggestions regarding possible dates – no response. Then, finally, due to not having a list of issues we decided to not invest the time and money to meet to solve his unstated issues nor to continue offering possible dates to meet. Then he suggested a date to which we agreed – but we wanted a list before the meeting and the right to record the discussion as, by this time, this man’s lack of integrity and dishonesty were becoming very evident. No meeting – he refused to meet our two reasonable conditions.

Well, a letter went out telling the churches under his control not to welcome us in their pulpits. The letter was vague and short on reasons leaving people to think whatever they wanted to think. Recently we received the long awaited list and answered each stated concern biblically – drawing attention to the fact that the real issue is that none of their concerns were dealt with in a timely or biblical manner by their own leaders and most concerns really don’t involve the leaders of the network but are relational and local – and so they are out of biblical order both in the way they dealt with the concerns and in the way they were now attempting to blame our ministry for their shortcomings and lack of integrity. No answer to that email (not unusual).

So, the day we arrive here to minister in a church not connected to their network or union – neither a member nor a friend – he phones and suggests that the leaders should not allow us to minister in his pulpit and that we have caused division and strife and that there are issues between us and them… It was a long discussion and regretfully, for this man spreading division and dissension, the truth – when revealed – does not leave him in a good light. His reputation and that of the group he represents is being damaged.

Our reputation was slaughtered over the last year of rumours and gossip that has been spread over many nations so I am not sure that any more damage can be done to our reputation than has already been done. However, we will continue to serve and minister where and when invited and, as always, at great personal and financial expense. If doors are closed by man other doors of opportunity will be opened by God.

Our team is much subdued and deeply affected by this late night conversation – there will be less sleep tonight than normal.

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  1. Natalya
    Natalya says:

    Dear Ralph! I am so sad to hear that you came across such difficlulties in our nation. What a shame for us! I pray for God to comfort you in a very special way -of course making Him so real at the sessions you do this week. I am so sorry I can’t be present there ( I guess as I am from another union I just can’t be a part of the team you train) but I want you to know that after February I am still very inspired by what I heard from you, from God those three days you had been in Kirovograd. And even just reading all your blogs makes me feel some special connection with you, man of God! I just want you to know – you made a difference in my life and through me – in the lives of those I serve to…

  2. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Hi Natalya,
    I appreciate knowing that you wanted to be with us and were not permitted to attend because you did not have permission from your authority under whom you are working and planting your church. It is sad that a set of internal issues within one union and personal issues of the head of that union can impact so many of us. He sent letters out to many who were not and should not be involved and who now have offences and issues because they have heard one side of a five-year long story – which I got dragged into a year ago – and, of course, have no way to deal with what they heard. So, division and strife result and great men and women of God, such as yourself, miss out on marvellous opportunities to be blessed and to grow spiritually and in your skills as a leader. There will be a day of accountability…


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