Watch Me, I’ll Mess Up Your Life

Urban monk Shane Claiborne, a founder of “The Simple Way” community in Philadelphia, shared with a group of Drew (University) students his incomprehension of those who testify, “My life was a mess. I was all screwed up and then I met Jesus and my life came together.” In his case, Shane says, it was the exact opposite. “I had my life all together. I was on an upward track and heading toward medical school. Then I met Jesus, and he messed up my whole life.”

And that is so true – when we, as disciples, follow Jesus closely (not at a distance) He will radically alter our lives and, from all appearances, “mess up your whole life.” Your personal plans, the reason you do things, the direction your life was taking, your goals … He messes everything up as He brings you into His Kingdom through the born again experience. If you had it all together and planned out – He will mess it up. If you thought your life was fairly unorganized and messed up already – once saved, it will be really messed up.

You see – when you say “yes” to Him and become a disciple – you enter a process of becoming. You will be “made” which is far better than what the world was offering where you would be “had.” The Bible states, up front, that getting saved will cost you everything. You are dead and buried with Christ. Dead people don’t have rights. Followers of Jesus don’t have rights. We will be made into His image – we will share His likeness. We will be made to become fishers of men – soul winners who seek and save the lost as He did. We will be joined to others and be made into His people, the Bride, an army of one, a family. We will be made powerful in Him as He baptizes us in the Holy Spirit and fire with power. We become new creatures in Christ – supernatural being. We are made His ambassadors representing His Kingdom and His rule.

Yup! I can see how that might mess you up a little bit. It did me. I was well on my way to becoming wealthy and wise. In my third year of a business degree and heading to be a chartered accountant when He called me. I answered slowly- finished my third and fourth years of my degree and then working in an international firm of accountants for 18 months … but eventually I knew it was time to discover more about God and to answer the call I had heard. So, I left the business world and have never looked back. It has not been easy at times; it has been, many times, very messy. But, He never promised it would be smooth and easy to follow Him and let Him “make” you.

But, in spite of or because of everything that I have been through I am who I am and who I am becoming and, at times, even I am pleased with what I see. It might have been messy – I am sure it will be messy – but the Lord called me to follow Him no matter what and follow I have. There are no regrets!

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