Want to Last as a Believer?

Whether you are a follower or a leader – as a Christian you need to be consider three things if you want to continue to grow and mature as a believer and reach your full potential in the Lord. Three things to consider if you want to have an impact upon your world.

These are really character questions. When I mention character today many are totally unaware of what I am referring to. Apparently it is no longer considered when we are chosing who we will follow, who will govern us and who we relate to. So, due to disuse it is little understood by people in society today.

Character is who we are when no one is looking. It is one of the key foundational blocks of a human life and includes such words as integrity, honesty, loyalty, morality and ethics. By definition it is: the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing. Your reputation is a result of your character.

To help some of the young people I work with understand character we suggest to them that they can determine a person’s character by looking at their family, friends, finances, what they do for fun (entertainment), and the fruit of their lives (achievements and accomplishments), their faith (what and who they believe in) and their faithfulness.

If you want to last as a believer or a leader of believers you need to be a person of character. If you hope to influence those around you in a positive way for the King and His Kingdom then you need to focus on character issues in your life. Often how we live and what we do or don’t do speaks louder than our words. This would be a character issue. So, it is good to know what we believe as Christians and why we believe it. But, just as important is to line our live up with what we claim to believe and tell others we believe. Character!

There are three things you might want to consider to get yourself started down this road towards focusing on and developing your character (who you really are):
1> What are you reading or watching?
2> Who are you surrounding yourself with?
3> What recreational activities are you pursuing?

Honest answers to these three questions and the resulting changes in lifestyle and focus will help you to begin a journey that few today seem to want to or even consider taking. A journey towards becoming more like Jesus.

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