This man’s name is Vartan and he is an apostle-in-training whom I mentor. He is from Iran and has a home and a ministry there. He also has a residence in Yerevan, Armenia. He recently returned to Iran to continue ministering and preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. This is risky and dangerous in the nation of Iran.

Several times in the past few weeks he has had an “interview” with the police. They are concerned that he is sharing the Gospel with those who are Muslim which is the state religion and the only one allowed to function without opposition – in spite of a constitution that declares religious freedom for all.

The interrogations are intense and very troublesome. He and his family (wife, son and daughter) are living with a great deal of uncertainty. Their lives are at risk. Several serious ultimatums have been issued.

Please pray for protection, guidance, empowerment, and a tremendous supernatural peace to flood their hearts and souls… Thanks!

Also pray for Robert, another Iranian, who was arrested a month ago and who has not been heard from since.

And, be thankful for the religious freedom we still have in our nation

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