Using Or Losing Time

I took it off the shelf in my study. A small, pocket-size copy of the Bible. Good for the summer months when I am outside a bit more and can grab a few minutes here and there to read some scriptures. So, it is with me all day – every day. It fits in the back pocket of my jeans. I also place it on my beside table when I arrive home for the last time each day. Then, as I head to bed for the night, I spend some time reading it as I sit on the chair in the corner by the bed.

And, I have to admit I have been very surprised, even amazed, at how much I have been managing to read as I take it with me … a chapter here, three chapters there. Add to that a few chapters most nights and I am feeling well fed spiritually. Refreshed. Even renewed. And, and I am not stealing time from other events, activities or relationships. Apparently instead of losing time I am now using time and moving forward spiritually all because I made a conscious decision to use the spare moments that use to simply vanish into thin air.

Fresh manna for the soul and spirit every day is good and refreshing. However, it does not happen by itself. It does take a little thought and effort – even a bit of planning. But, in our busy world of constant activity and perpetual demands on our time, it is possible to have that ‘pause that refreshes’ a number of times every day if we just work at doing so. May I encourage you to do just that. Of course that means you may be seen reading your little pocket Bible at a coffee shop, bus stop, at the dentist’s office, and many other places where people today simply no longer are seen reading the Bible.

Today – after two hours in the yard finally racking up the leaves and branches from last fall and spraying some weeds in the pathways – making ready for some nice evenings in front of the fire pit on nights I am actually home … I made a cup of coffee, sat down to rest and refreshed my spirit man at the same time. Felt good!

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