Up, Up and Away

I am on my way once again. Arrived at the airport in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada at 8:30a on Friday and will arrive at my destination – Minsk, Belarus Saturday at 1:30p local time. Then something to eat (cannot eat airline food due to health problems and their coffee is terrible – not Tim Horton’s) and a shower and shave and off to a number of planning meetings dealing with the next two weeks.

Sunday in the same city I will preach a number of times (and prophesy) and then, if memory serves me correctly, head 2.5 hours to another city to begin my two weeks – first with youth and then with leaders ministering somewhere a number of times on Easter Sunday between the two weeks.

Sitting in Toronto International Airport with several hours of quiet ahead of me – God is good! Writing now and then another long walk. The last one was, I am sure, a mile from national terminal to international terminal here in Toronto and I’m not complaining after sitting in an airline seat for many hours in the air. The next walk will be to find a Diet Coke (cold one) and to just walk and not sit. Right now enjoying an extra large Tim’s (that’s the best coffee in the world if you are not a Canadian).
In an airport this size the WiFi for emails is not working and I am unwilling to struggle to find out why.

Sad that they can’t treat the road warriors to a simple and inexpensive thing such as WiFi connections that actually work – and how about some plugs to recharge the bateries in our laptoipns after hours in the air running off of batteries. I mean, just try to find a plug for your laptop – at least one that works. I am sitting near one here in the floor – useless as are the others scattered around as can be seen on the face of other road warriors who tried the same thing that I tried when I first sat down.

So, this will need to be posted after my arrival in Belarus and thus will be “old news” by then. But, the Blackberry works so I can do emails the harder way with two rather over-sized thumbs and a spell check.

The flight to Toronto was uneventful. Reading a good book called The Gospel According to Starbucks by Leonard Sweet who teaches at Drew Theological School in Madison, New Jersey. An excellent book about experiencing God. Starbucks (I am a Tim Horton’s fan and can’t stand Starbucks coffee) offers a ‘coffee experience’ and not just a coffee (I always wondered why it cost $5.00 for $0.20 worth of bad coffee). He is pulling out the parallel with the church which should be offering an “experience” with God and not just the Gospel (some worship and a teaching). People today are looking for an encounter and the Church needs to rethink what it does on a Sunday…. adding Experience, Participation, Images that throb with meaning, and Connection – E.P.I.C. So far – a good read. I have enjoyed other books by the same author.

Looking forward to my time in Belarus although I left enough work not done at the office that I always feel at the start of these trips that I should have just stayed home. There is an old saying “home is where the heart is” which is still true. I have a new one to add to that – “home if where the office is.” I closed the door at 6:00a this morning after turning the main computer off. The desk work will have to wait again – I am on the road again as the Lord’s prophetic Words have stated I would be and going to the nations to work on what He has called me to accomplish at this stage in my life.

Much is so new in this trans-local ministry that if I think about it too long I get nervous wondering what I am forgetting and what I should be doing differently, if anything. However, God seems to allow this trial-and-error approach as I get my feet wet in this new ministry after ministering as a pastor for many, many years.

Your prayers, as always, are greatly appreciated. If you go to www.ralphhoweministries.com and click on “Prayer Partners” you will see an up-to-date list of needs regarding this ministry. As often as possible I will post a blog as soon as we sort out the way to connect to the internet in Belarus. Blessings!

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