Ukraine Trip – Day Seventeen

I am sitting in a train on a siding a few hours from Kiev. It is 6:00 a.m. on Monday morning and we got on the train at 9:00 p.m. Sunday night. If all goes to the schedule we will be disembarking in Kiev in about 4 hours. It has been a rough and bumpy train ride although this has not seemed to bother my travel companions who share the same sleeping compartment. They are still nicely asleep while I have laid awake all night. Now that light has appeared again I am able to work and so I decided to get connected to the internet and post a blog about Sunday.

I had a good morning in the place where we were staying for the night. After a very active and busy first day here … and a good night’s sleep … a hot shower and shave followed, a cup of tea, and a team chat. An opportunity to review my teaching for the service and then we packed ready for the long day and longer night. We were picked up at 11:00 a.m. and driven to the church building. I met with the pastor and we carried on a good conversation considering none of our interpreters were there. Then, upon arrival of the interpreters, I met with a young man whom I had prophesied over the day before at the youth service.

At noon we started the service and the worship was heavenly. After an hour and 15 minutes of great worship the pastor led the service in prayer – for the sick… and their ministry team ministered to about 60 attendees. Then a presentation of the Gospel and five people came forward for first-time decisions for the Lord. After being born again they were taken out to the side room where they had a conversion package handed to them and the pastor’s wife spoke to them briefly about the first step now that they were saved.

Then the pastor introduced me – we are now 1 hour and 40 minutes into the service. I spoke on how to have passion for the Lord when the music fades, the service has ended, the crisis is fresh in your mind, your friends have all gone home and the lights have been turned out. How do you maintain passion for the Lord and His cause when things are going south. Then we ministered to a number of people that I had picked out earlier during the sermon. One was an elder’s son who had been in church once in the last year. I did not know who he was or whom he was connected to. He got nailed – severely and lovingly nailed – by Jesus. One was another man that I did not know and the third was one of the new converts. It was great ministry to all three with my team being a tremendous help.

We dismissed the service and after 35 people wanted to talk to me and about 10 managed it – I was finally ushered into the side room for some food and a break. A walk for 30 minutes with a team member to discuss some personal issues and then we began the leaders meeting which went from 5:00 to 7:30 and during which we had questions and answers for an hour, a coffee break (actually tea and sandwiches) and then we prophesied over three people – one lady and a couple … left over and waiting from a list that originated in our November visit and which we had worked on during our February visit… The list has been accomplished.

Then another meal and a quick dash for the train station (we walked – the bags drove there). And, we have been on the train every since. Miroslav and I talked business – plans, organization, visits to minister in different area, things that we need to accomplish and the order in which they need to be dealt with. Fairly boring stuff but easier to do when together in person and very necessary as this ministry is growing rapidly and we needed to add some more time slots to accommodate everything and everyone who has asked us to come and minister … and the number of places and leaders grows weekly.

Once we arrive in Kiev and have a shower we are off to appointments and more ministry (prophecy). I will report on that tomorrow morning from the airport (a 3:00 a.m. arrival to board at 4:45 a.m.).

Blessings to everyone.

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