Ukraine Trip #3

While in the Ukraine we have been asked to teach on these possible topics or themes:

1> Prophetic ministry and the ministry of the prophet
2> Development of prophetic gifts and ministry for the normal believer
3> Dreams and visions
4> The Holy Spirit
5> Revival and Awakenings
6> Miracles, signs and the supernatural in the life of a believer

Lots of exciting material found within all those topics. But we want to know what the Lord would have us to teach and it may be totally different than those proposed by our leaders in Ukraine. So, pray with us as we seek God’s face about what to teach.

Secondly, with three seasoned leaders going over on this trip we could literally run two or three topics at the same time if their facilities could handle this. So, we need to consider maybe teaching more than one thing and dividing up into smaller “classes” so that more personal ministry can go on to the students. Then, in the evenings, hold joint (and probably public) services to celebrate God’s goodness.

Pray with us, please. Direction and insight is needed shortly so that we can begin to prepare the materials and ourselves.

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