Ukraine Trip #2

The dates are November 6 to November 21, 2008. The location – Ukraine. You fly Regina to Toronto, Toronto to either Germany or Switzerland, and then (sometimes after an overnight in a hotel) you fly to Kiev. Between 36 hours in air and airports and jet lag (9 hours time difference) it is not an easy trip either way – going or coming home.

Our first stop is to work with Igor Garmazonov who pastors a church in a suburb of Kiev called Boyorka. I have both lived there during past trips and ministered there a number of times. A wonderful place where we use to walk the streets very late at night when it was too hot to sleep. Great people and a terrific opportunity to view the culture of the Ukrainian people.

After a week with Igor he is going to accompany the team on an “electrica” – their train system – for an 11 hour ride to the city of Krasnoarmeysk in the south of the country. We get on in Kiev (the capital city) at 5:30 in the evening and arrive at our destination at 6:00 a.m. the next morning. Never done this before so, for me, a whole new adventure and experience.

We will minister in a local church in this city pastored by Dima and Inna. This is a church that my local church here in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan supports with finances and prayer. This young man has an international ministry. He has just recently returned from leading a team to Nigeria, Africa to minister. This summer he is speaking at a conference in Brazil. His web site (in Russian) has an amazing number of hits per month and contains massive amounts of material about revivals and moves (past and present) of God all translated into Russian. He is having a major influence on all the nations that were once part of the former Soviet bloc of nations.

I can remember him lying prostrate during a ministry time a number of years ago. It was in a gym where I was teaching in a week long school for leaders. The gym was very dimly lit and was somewhat cool. But the presence of God was very tangible. It was a morning session and we were ending by praying for each individual leader. As I knelt over him with my interpreter on the other side I remember speaking the Word of the Lord to him in prophecy and being simply amazed at what the Lord was going to do in and through this young man. However, no one knew the kind of influence God was going to give this young Ukrainian leader both in his own nation and in many nations of the world. His journey has been amazing – simply amazing.

It is going to be a great two weeks. Your prayers for us would be greatly appreciated.

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