Ukraine Trip #1

This will be the beggining of our postings for a trip to Ukraine to minister. I have not been back for a number of years but my heart still remains there as I have been in the nation three times in the last decade and each trip has been life changing. I would move there permanently in a heart beat if the Lord said I could.

This is just a short entry to being the blogging on this trip. The trip is now set for the 6th to the 21st of November, 2008. I have a team of three going over. Myself and two others from our Network of churches – one an apostle the other a prophet. We will be ministering in two locations – each for about a week – and they are located 11 hours apart as the nation is substantial in size.

These blogs are not a means of raising funds for the trip – but should you want to donate simply go to the front page of the web site and click on the “Missions – Donate” Pay Pal account. All money donated is designated “missions” and can only be used for outreach to churches and areas that cannot afford to bring my ministry in on their own. All other general donations can be made by clicking on the menu at the top “Partners” / Financial” and there you will find the general Pay Pal account for donations to help pay the general operating costs of the ministry. At the present time I don’t take a salary of any kind from either account so all donations are being plowed back into our ministry, products, and the development of our behind-the-scenes structures such as office equipment, phone systems, etc.

Stay tune – pictures and ministry details to follow.

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