Ukraine Mision trip – First Sunday Report

As you read this I will be ministering in the City of Boyorka, Ukraine. My team and I arrived in mid-afternoon on Wednesday local time after 29 hours of flights and airports. A nice meal and then to our rooms so that we could unpack, relax a bit and finally get some sleep.

On Thursday we began to minister. This morning as you read this we will have finished our work for Sunday as it is 7:00 p.m. here in Ukraine. Since we began to minister we have been in 10 services (3 a day and 1 on Sunday).

There are only two of us on the team this time – myself and Bob MacDonald from Saskatoon whom I have trained and released as an apostle in Life Builders Network and now overseas to the nation of Ukraine. Each day one of us gets to have the morning off (a new feature this trip) while the other ministers. This allows us a few hours every other day to spend an extended time in the presence of God so that we can be refreshed personally and spiritually (Acts 3:19) and even get a little extra sleep.

God is moving mightily and He is blessing many through the three teachings a day as well as through personal prophetic ministry. We are excited to be here and look forward to sharing more when we are back in Canada and have had opportunity to reflect a bit.

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