Last Day of Ministry – Ukraine Delayed Posting #18

It’s our third Sunday in Ukraine and we are tired. The whole team is tired. Today we were to be ministering at 12:30 at a service in a new church for us here in the city of Dnipropetrovsk. However, yesterday I was asked if I would come to another church earlier in the day to “sense” what was wrong and what needed to be dealt with in the local church plant. I agreed and informed my tired team that we had more work to do than planned.

So, I attended a 9:00 a.m. service. After preaching a sermon on the wonderful benefits of knowing Jesus as found in the benediction at the end of the book of Hebrews the team prophesied over the pastor and his wife. Then a lunch, a long drive through the city to the second service of the day.

Again, at this 2nd service which started at 12:30 noon I preached (a different sermon) and then we prophesied over the pastor and his wife. Powerful. At 4:00 p.m. we needed to vacate the rented hall we were using so we moved upstairs to the office complex and squeezed as many as we could into a room and continued to minister. We prayed for a young giurl who had a spirit of death and commanded it and the cancer that has destroyed her to come out. We prophesied over a number of people and I also prophesied over the local church. I had told the pastor that I was good for an hour in this second meeting of the afternoon (and third for the day) but we did not end until 6:30 and we were wiped.

Supper with the pastor and his family and my team … then back to the small apartment we were staying in. Then our interpreter and myself and Bob (the other senior apostle on the team of 12) met with the pastor from the early morning service. The meeting went from 9:00 to almost midnight. The purpose of the meeting was to inform him as to what we saw and felt (sensed) in the spirit realm about his church during our time with him at the morning service. It was a good meeting – we helped a lot and I believe the Lord gave him and his wonderful wife hope that things will work out for them and their church. We gave them all we had sensed and then spoke about the solutions to those issues – or, at least, how to start to move towards the solution and some health for the people of that local body of Christ.

Then packing, cleaning up, bed at 1:30 a.m. and up at 4:00 so we could all have showers and breakfast and be on the train to Kiev (6 hour ride) the same morning (Monday).

Great day for us – we learned a lot. Great day for the Kingdom – it grew some and we were able to adjust some foundational issues in two different churches and let them see the bright future that God has planned for them.

It also resulted in an invitation for me to come back during my June visit to Kiev to do my Gifts of God seminar (we will now need to translate the manual into Russian) for one local church (and others from churches in the city) as well as spend some time with the other local church whose pastor we met with to continue working with him and adding some elements of his leadership into the day-long meeting.

Included on this trip in June of 2009 will also be a visit to a local church plant outside the capital city of Kiev where one of the young apostles who came with us to minister for two weeks is working. He has a small number of people but size is never a criterion to my ministering (and neither is money). He was thrilled that I was willing to come and be with him. I am thrilled that he wants me to come. So, we were both blessed and the Lord will do the blessing when I get there.

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