Ukraine #7 – It’s That Time Again

Another day – three more services. I didn’t teach until evening as another team member taught twice – the morning and afternoon sessions. In the evening I taught a simple teaching on “How to Begin to Prophesy”. After each service we had extended times of prophetic ministry. With each person taking up to and sometimes over 30 minutes we are slow moving but very thorough.

The good thing is that we are getting some fairly rapid feedback – with the pastor or others telling us how accurate the words are and how they spoke to the immediate situation as well as long term plans in some cases. And, because of the high quality of some of the people, some of the words have been very powerful with people being transplanted to Muslim nations and other areas of the world to further the spread of the Gospel.

When I first came to this nation many years ago I had the prophetic sense that this was the nation to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. And, I have had that sense since the beginning of this trip as well. It has been confirmed as I note the prophetic words – the length and depth of them – over some of the younger generation. They are called and anointed by God to take nations for Jesus. What a group of people to be spending 8 days with. It has been very tiring but very rewarding.

Today’s highlight was the last young man we called up – and I had asked two young men from the Orthodox Church in Moscow, Russian to come up and help me to prophesy. They had worked with me yesterday with several of the prophetic times. This time they had helped – and done well – with a number of people. When this 18 year old boy came up to be prophesied over – I had spotted him as a candidate yesterday – I decided the regular three team members would sit back and let these young men minister prophetically to their own generation. They did an excellent job and I let them know it. We gave a little guidance at two spots but they basically carried almost 40 minutes of bondage breaking and prophetic words to this young man. It took quite some time to break through and break things down but they sensed the need to do so and did it. It was dynamic and powerful and I told them afterwards how proud I was of them.

This school of prophecy is more than just more mental information. We are trying to design it as we go along to allow some hands-on working times and this worked out fine. As they went along I was able to explain to the 250+ people some of the ins and outs of prophetic ministry adding to things taught during the day and being seen upfront at that time. Great learning experience. Great experience. Great night.

We found out later from the pastor why we worked so hard to break through and have this young man receive what it was the Lord had for him. We were right to have pressed in and not given up. It was good to have the luxury to do so – people stayed right through it and were very attentive which is interesting considering it was close to 10:00 p.m. and this third service of the day had started at 6:15 p.m.

Tomorrow – three more services, three more teachings and three more 2 hours+ periods in which to prophecy. And I wonder why I am tired!

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