Ukraine #6 – It Has Been a Long Day

It is now 1:00 a.m. on the 13th of November – I think that is a Friday but I’m not sure. When you are in worship services and meetings for 12 to 15 hours a day every day the days all run together. Not easy to keep track of which day or even the date. I had to count from Sunday which I remember was the 9th – the anniversary of my salvation.

Up early this morning (Thursday) after a very long day and night yesterday. Packed and got ready to go. We left the “hotel” (ask me about it at some time in the future) at 11:00 a.m. and left the Boyorka / Kiev area by noon. We arrived in this city – Kransnoarmeysk at 11:15 p.m. tonight. Same day but hardly seems like it.

We stopped four times for a bathroom break and to stretch – one of them we had soup and salad as a late lunch. The rest of the time we travelled at 100 to 110 Km an hour and 1200 Km later we arrived in this city of about 50,000. I will never complain about Saskatchewan (the province I live in) roads again. They are a super highway compared to what we have been travelling all day – I mean all day.

It was a great drive. Our driver – Sasha – is a former truck driver that was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ a year ago and moved from where he lived to Boyorka to be near an alive church and the people who were discipling him. He didn’t speak any English but that is okay as I don’t speak any Russian or Ukrainian. But we had one of our interpreters with us and she was great. So, we had a great five-way 11 hour conversation about numerous things and especially about Jesus and His Church. Amazing trip.

Then, upon arrival, to the orphanage / home for young girls where there is one wing for those who come to speak – a separate room for each of us and a common bathroom and shower. Better than in past trips. Privacy is nice as I feel like I have been living most of my life among company since I boarded the plane in Minneapolis last Thursday. Supper at 11:45 with the pastor and his wife (Dima and Inna) and now I have unpacked and I am sitting on the bed typing the blog. No desk in the room – and no chair. It’s okay – we won’t be in our rooms much of any day. After everyone else has had opportunity to use the bathroom – I will go in and brush my teeth and head to bed. Full day – good day – one that glorified the Lord. Great day, in fact! I am tired.

Tomorrow – the first day of the conference here in this city we start at 11:30 walking to the Prayer House / Church building / large home. They had to cut off the registration as it seats 240 and they are full. It will be hot and crowded I am told. They have a fan up front for me. 12:00 a leisurely lunch in the “pastors’ room” at the building – then 2:00 p.m. the first service.
I will use the first service to get my spiritual bearings – a reading of the people and where things should go. It will be basic and simple – an hour of teachings (30 minutes English and 30 minutes translation) and then 2 or so hours of personal prophecy. Then a supper break.

The evening will be more powerful as we will, by then have read the spiritual atmosphere over the city (during the walk to the building) and the spiritual reading of the people (their level of knowledge about the prophetic, their enthusiasm and anticipation levels) and the anointing on the church and the worship in the church. So, things should seriously explode in the evening service. Don’t expect it to end until well after midnight. Going to be a great day – I can feel it. Need to plough through the spiritual atmosphere as much more oppressive here than in Boyorka.

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