Ukraine #4 – The Need Is So Great You Could Cry!

Near the end of the service late on Saturday night – after worship, teaching and prophesy – I felt led to call a healing line. Well, less leading and more knowing. It was the 32nd anniversary of my own healing which I received the day before I was saved by the Lord Jesus. So, I had given a small part of my testimony during the teaching and felt it appropriate to call a healing line.

The front filled up very quickly. At first we thought that this church was well trained as everyone in line had another person behind them – we thought to catch in case they went over in the Spirit. Not so. As a third line formed behind them we realized that all of these people were in lines patiently waiting for the three team members from Canada to pray for their healing. Such an overwhelming need and one could feel the desperation in the people – a desperation bordering on hopelessness – and a great desire on their part to see God move and bring healing to them.

One of the first ladies I prayed for had about 10% sight in both eyes. I asked her (through an interpreter) what had caused this. The answer: a drunken hunsband who came home and tried to strangle her to death causing permanent damage to blood vessels and other things in the back of her eyes. So, the inevitable question that needed to be asked: Have you forgiven him? Her immediate answer was: “Yes” she had – totally forgiven. In fact, she was still married to him and living in the same home as he was. So, we laid hands on her to receive her sight. I think in the next two days I prayed at least twice more for her.

But she was simply one of many many people in line for healing. And, many of the needs were for physical damage done by spouses who have a major drinking problem or issues with drug addiction. Both of these are major issues in Ukraine as they are here as well. But, the kind of government help we are given here does not exist there – and so it is the Church that is stepping into the void and trying to help both the addict and their family. I can’t even remember how many in similar situations I prayed for that night – just a lot.

The healings line continued for over an hour and a half and was simply the way the service ended. People were patient and waited their turn. For those who were not returning the next day – I prophesied over them as well as prayed for their healing. Everyone has a cell phone with recording abilities and so even through it was not done publicly with the church’s sound system recording them – they would go home with a copy of what the Lord said to them in the prayer line. I probably prophesied over 10 or 12 people in the midst of praying for healings for everyone. If they were returning the next day I promised them I would remember and call them out first in the morning service to prophesy over htem publicly. And I did just that the next day. I don’t believe I missed anyone that I had promised to do this with.

Went back to where we were staying and I was exhausted. But it was a good tired. God had touched numerous lives and some were healed immediately while others saw some improvement and I hope that their situation continues to improve until they are walking in total health.

I do ask the Lord occasionally – where is the power you promised me prophetically almost a year ago? And where are the healings that Your people need? I believe a new resolve entered my heart (spirit) that night in Boyorka to no longer settle for a few healed and a few others ‘somewhat’ better. If we can do what Jesus did and even more as John 14:12 promises then I want to walk in that – not a few years from now but right now. And, I am willing for the Lord to change anything in my life that needs adjusting or removing so that I can walk in the anointing of power and the Spirit that Jesus did (Acts 10:38).

Join with me, please in praying that we – His ambassadors – would walk in that power and walk in the Spirit and bring His gifts of healing and deliverance to people – saved and unsaved – so that they would come to know Jesus the Healer as Lord and Saviour.

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