Ukraine #3 – What, Church AGAIN?

It is Sunday and we are going to Church – or is that coming from Church. Seems like we spend a lot of time in Church recently. Good thing as God is totally worthy of our praise and worship and I can’t think of anything better to do then to be with His people worshipping Him and serving Him by serving His people.

So good to see so many lives touched by the prophetic. I mean impacted. Changed. Altered forever. Transformed. Different – powerfully touched. It gives God no greater joy than to bless His children and to speak into their lives so that they can not only seek and find Him but also the plans and purpose of God for your individual life. What a thing to have disclosed and what a blessing to then be able to read it over, pray about it, cooperate and see it happen right before your very eyes.

This is the anniversary of my salvation – 32 years ago.

What a day – standing room only at both services. We were to have three services – 12:00, 3:00 and 6:00 but the 12:00 o’clock service ran into the 3:00 o’clock service as we had a 5 hour service. Great worship, teaching on God’s people being His chosen way to win the world (I taught), and then ministry time. We prophesied for over 3 hours – working as a team of three and prophesying over each person or couple in front of the whole congregation. It was awesome. It was amazing. It was exciting. It was truly wonderful. God showed up from the first song and the anointing grew stronger and stronger as the service went on. The worship involved dancing, flags, great songs (several of which we knew the English words to) and went for almost an hour and a half. Then everyone stayed throughout the prophetic ministry and other things that were accomplished by the Lord.

The thing that strikes me about this Ukrainian church is the dedication to worship and serving the Lord. The sanctuary was full long before the service started and stayed full right through to the end of the first (and combined second) service. They are hungry for God and what God is doing today. They are serious about the things of God and seek Him and worship Him with their whole hearts. Amazing people. Amazing worship. Amazing service.

We had opportunity to minister to pastors and church leaders from at least four or five nations. We were asked to pray and prophesy over them near the end of the worship segment of the morning service. So, without any type of warning or opportunity to prepare ourselves off we went and prayed for (prophesied over) them. God touched their hearts and lives bringing dramatic healings and speaking direction into their churches and ministries. Then we called out a number of people from the congregation and prophesied over them – going for another hour and a half. Long service. Great God. Wonderful hunger.

The evening started at 6:15 (we had basically an hour for supper) and we cut it off and shut it down at 11:15 p.m. We were simply too tired to think any more. We were plowing just to get the Lord’s prophetic sense for the people near the end – just too tired. We, of course, disappointed a number of people but the interpreter was working with us for that segment of the day was also the worship leader and he was tired and still had over half an hour to drive home … so we called it quits and crawled to our rooms to fall into bed.

The evening consisted of prophesy right after worship as there were a number of people (young people) who needed to hear from God before heading home. Then Bob taught on what to do with the prophesy you have received. He did an excellent job of relating to the people as he preached and transferred some great information to hearts and heads – all in a very limited time frame.

The Spirit of God showed up really strongly during one part of the service where we were dealing with generational curses. I commented that we need to focus on God more and not always on the work of the Devil … and then we prayed God’s generational blessings upon the next generation and the next one down from there. Parents laid hands on their kids – some of those without fathers began to weep and wail deeply and so older men went to them to hug them and be with them. It was a solemn and holy time and so we did not rush forward into something else until we were sure people had had enough time to receive what the Spirit was doing.

God’s will was done on Earth as it is in Heaven. I went to bed tired but aware that I had the honor of watching a great and wonderfully loving God touch many people’s lives – and change hearts forever.

In the evening service there were also at least a dozen adults who had been at the first camp that I taught at here many years ago…The leader of the service had them raise their hands so I could see how many had been impacted by that camp when they were in their teens and early twenties. God was encouraging me and I was seriously encouraged, believe me.

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  1. Bev Wensel
    Bev Wensel says:

    …focus on generational blessings instead of the focus on the generational curses…rt.on!!
    Interestingly, the Holy Sp.has me reading a book, “The Power of Blessing” by Terry & Melissa
    Bone, 1st printed in ’04… this is a very important area & our western culture &/or mind set has largely missed this powerful sp. law!
    If anyone is interested, here’s their web site: ……. B&V 🙂

  2. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Hi Bev,

    It is facinating that someone else is working on understanding generational blessings. I have not found one other person in the 2 years I have been personally focused on it who has an interest or who has been led to work with this side of the equation.

    I was led into this simply because my understanding of spiritual warfare was changing and I saw that the western church spent too much time focused on what the Devil was doing and that the easiest way to defeat the darkness was light the light… So I went looking for what Jesus was doing.

    Everything the Devil does is a counterfeit of what Jesus is doing. So, if there are generational curses I knew there had to be a “real thing” the Devil was counterfeiting – voila…my study on generational blessings.

    I have one or two books on it so thanks for the lead on another book and a ministry that is focusing on it.

    Blessings on your day – and on your assembly’s Sunday worship.


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