Tuesday – Leadership School – 2nd Day

(Picture: Young man called out on Saturday to be an apostle in a local church in Almaty, Kazakhstan)

I am in the second day of the Leadership School being held here in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We have approximately 50 leaders – others wanted to come but they limit registration to the size of the rooms and the staff to feed those who are in attendance. The days are broken into five segments of approximately 2 hours each and the full day with meals and coffee breaks during which work continues, of course, is about 14 hours. The first two sessions are teaching, the third I have designated as questions and answers, and then there are two more teachings after that. The ministry of prophesy happens whenever the Lord gives words as well as when time allows. There are always new people at these schools so we always have people to prophesy we have not met before or ministered to before.

Please remember the team in prayer – it is day 17 and we are all somewhat tired. Of course, that means we are moving slower and can get on each other’s nerves sooner than later. Please pray for good nights of sleep, refreshing between sessions (we alternate teachers every session) and more of God’s presence and power. The ministry in these last three days is to hurting and wounded pastors and leaders and there are so many needs and so many stories to listen to. Begin as well to pray for safe travel and especially good weather as our two days of travel approaches (Thursday which we live twice) that all flights will be on time and all connections are made. As well, that I manage the work that I need to be doing during the many hours in the air and during airport times. Your racers are greatly appreciated.

Already this ministry has been asked to come back to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and work with some new churches and return to several that were ministered to this time. Some major opportunities are opening up and will be scheduled in the near future. As well, I have already begun corresponding with several new contacts about building long-term relationships and continuing to help them to build their churches and ministries. One man I met in Almaty is from Korea and is a businessman who now lives in New York / New Jersey area. He mentioned that he would like to invite me to speak with the second generation Korean Christians as these young people have never experienced God for themselves and would be encouraged by both my testimony and my prophetic ministry. I am waiting to hear from him now that he has returned home and will be seeking to his pastor. So one trip here can lead to many other invites as pastors and leaders spread the news about the teachings, the power of God, and the prophetic.
Please be in prayer…

I want you to know how much I really appreciate your standing with this ministry in prayer. Your prayers are precious to God, to this ministry, and to me personally. Thanks so much.

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