Tuesday in Ukraine

Day two of the School for Apostles and Prophets – and my team members have been teaching all day. So, I have been able to sit in the front row and work on revising and improving tonight’s teaching (Tuesday) on intimidation and how this has a profound effect upon the anointing and power that apostles and prophets are called to walk in. Then I was able to review my teachings (3 of them) on offences – how they come, what they do to you, how to avoid them, and what to do when infected with these evil reports (gossip) and come back into spiritual healing. So, I am ready for the next stretch – tonight through to Wednesday supper. At that time another team member will do the evening service.

I am then on full time on Thursday (4 sessions) and one session on Saturday morning. Friday has not been determined. However, the next two days are teachings I do frequently so they will not need as much work as I have to put in to the ones I have been teaching in the past few days. However, this does not mean I get to relax, regretfully.

Now that we apparently can see the flow of teachings and teachers through to Saturday noon when we end the School – I can focus on meeting with some Ukrainian pastors to plan a trip in the late fall. As well, planning meetings with a number of pastors from Kazakhstan who are here to plan a return visit to their nation (3 locations – 3 weeks), and then one other meeting to plan another trip to Russia. Along with these important meetings there will be several other very important meetings.

We held one today during the 90 minute lunch when we met with the pastors whose church we are renting to run our School. They have been severely wounded and almost destroyed by the same man who is opposing us at the moment. Except, unlike us who have been in this war for only 12 months, they have been in the turmoil for 5 years – long before I knew them, long before. We meet with them tonight again after the evening session to discuss where our relationship is to go from here and how we can be proactive in the situations we are both facing with the same person. Then, later in the week, we will be meeting with pastors from Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan to talk about all that they have heard (gossip) about the situation that has absorbed so much of our time (with no visible benefits) over the past year.

They have listened to what the Bible calls “evil reports” and now see us differently. They did not act with integrity and refuse to listen to the gossip or evil report. And, they did not phone us and check out our side of the story or the “other facts” in the situation. So, now they see us through different lenses or different coloured glasses and will never see us the same and in the correct light ever again. Offenses damage relationships but the damage can be limited if dealt with biblically but cannot be completely reversed. It will be a difficult meeting with a great deal of tension on all sides and my team will be walking in wanting to be true “ambassadors of reconciliation.” And some of the others being gossiped about and again about whom many rumours have been spread will be with us to tell their story as well. It will be a good meeting and, if you feel led to pray, please do – pray that the truth will set these pastors free from their offences.

We will know if we are successful – there will be a difference in the spiritual atmosphere or spiritual countenance of those who have been listening to the slanderer, busybody, gossiper, and whisperer spread his poison. When they first arrived there was a hardness of heart that was very evident to those of us functioning in the gift of discerning of spirits. In the spiritual realm there was a “grey deadness” all around them that is a sure indication that they have spiritual cancer (an offence) and that it is slowly killing them. They are spiritually dying and most likely don’t even know it. But, in time, they will lose their spiritual life and eventually their ministry. We are hoping for a breakthrough in these meetings for their sake as well as the sake of this ministry we have in Eastern Europe.

There is always more to do than what is scheduled – and meetings and events pop up on a daily basis as needs arise. It fills the days to the full giving us a normal 18 hour working day and we will end our time here without everything covered because there is always more things to accomplish than time to do them.

If these meetings go well – then we will have three further trips to plan – another one to Russia (we already have one scheduled for August) and one to Kazakhstan – resulting in two more meetings to attend this week. As well another trip to Ukraine as quickly as possible.

As well, I am in need of time to write an article for a publication in Belarus (the deadline is fast approaching) which, when published, will open some new doors for our ministry there in that nation. More prayer is needed here as well.

I was just asked if I would meet with the youth of this local church on Saturday afternoon after the School ends. Of course, I said a definite yes. So, as I said – we simply respond to whatever pops up and heads our way.

It is midnight here – time to get some sleep.

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  1. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Welcome to the blog community. Good to get your first response to a blog posting. And, I totally agree that spiritual things are much more important than most of what we focus on daily in our “earthly life”.


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