Tuesday Flights and a Good Book or Two

Just finished reading a great book. Half through it by the time I landed in Toronto. Now several hours into the flight to Frankfurt, Germany and the book is finished. Not to fear I have another one to start right away. And another, and another. Flights are a good time to read for me – I can’t sleep when in motion. This is helpful when driving home late at night from ministering hours away from my warm bed as then there is no fear of falling asleep while driving, And, great when flying because it is often the only time I have to do in-depth quality reading. Good thing I travel as often as I do – of course, I could just buy fewer books.

The iPad I am working on has about 50 books that I also need to read. However, still prefer a “real” book that I can write in, highlight, and interact with. I’m of the generation that does not take its cell phone out to see what time it is, we wear a watch. So, if I have a choice, a paper copy as apposed to an electronic copy. But, it is nice to have the ebooks as back up should I finish the five books I brought with me before I get home again late on the 15th of May.

The book – yup! That’s what I am writing about, I didn’t forget and I am not rambling mindlessly in my old age. The book is by a great German church planter who is well recognized in many nations worldwide. His name is Wolfgang Simson. Once a social worker and even a taxi driver, for the past several decades he has been studying, analyzing, and writing about the Church. You know, the one that Jesus is building as apposed to the very visible one that man has built over the centuries. He was writing about rediscovering the dynamic, organic, relational, viral community of real faith that Jesus started when He chose His first 12 disciples.

The author is not new to me. I read his “Starfish Manifesto” and “The Starfish Vision” many years ago. You know, back when they were paper copies. All right, I admit that I do have them as electronic copies as well. He is on the cutting edge of the apostolic – prophetic Church that Jesus is building in every nation of the world. The Starfish series is a prophetic roadmap for an apostolic journey. A powerful insight into the heart of God. I just located them again (paper and electronic copies) and plan to reread them now that I am about a decade wiser.

My work in Russia this trip – my third time into the area – will be to continue to build upon what The Lord has started during my previous visits. Some of the churches are being built along the traditional model and need further work to insure they are being built upon a solid foundation of the apostle and prophet. Several are looking at learning more about the warfare they have recently entered and want me to teach on spiritual warfare. Two of the churches (new on this visit) have just recently separated from their organizational / denominational structure and are beginning to plant a fresh new work. They are starting without any real understanding of what to do first and then second and then third… So, a wide variety of church types and a real diversity of work (topics and ministry) that I will be working with.

14 solid days of ministry with some lengthy driving to arrive at the cities where I am working this time around. Your prayers are appreciated. The updates may not be daily and may even be a day old but I am dependent upon people lending me a modem or the homes I am staying in having Wi-Fi. So, getting online is always very uncertain and definitely hit and miss.

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