Tuesday and It’s Busy

My apologies for the late posting. We have been adding events every day since I arrived. Yesterday was to be a quieter day as you saw from my blog. It ended up going from 7:00a to 11:30p and then an hour to catch my breath before heading to bed. Today I started at 7:00a and will go to midnight again. All the spare spots on my schedule are fast being filled and I could use several extra days to fulfill the requests being received.

On Sunday night I prophesied over a man at Overcomers Church in Mount Vernon who was a pastor from the city of Marion, Ohio. This morning I had a wonderful two hour breakfast with him as we began to build a relationship with each other. As a result there is an invite to meet with his senior pastor and then opportunity to maybe minister some time in early 2014 at Marion Christian Centre. And, while talking with my host – pictured above – we received a call from his wife who had just been called regarding an opportunity to meet with the Church of God pastor and another man (her father) to speak abut changing their non- pentecostal church so it can attract more young people. So, a fifth church is now opening to meeting with me and hearing what God is doing when His people are baptized in the Holy Spirit. Again, the gaps in the daily schedu7les are being amazingly filled o overflowing as people see and hear what God is doing today.

By mid-morning I was spending time talking with my host and relaying all the information and insights I have been gaining as I spoke to leaders individually and in several meetings in the last two days. It was an opportunity to walk through the state forest here, seeing several small waterfalls, a creek or two, and a terrific river. It was a two hour walk – talk and much was accomplished both in feeding back insights and observations but also in continuing to build the relationship between Jamie and myself.

Then lunch and a LARGE coffee at a great restaurant in Bellville, Ohio before heading to where I am staying. During the coffee I discussed the possibility of Jamie coming on a trip with me in June. He has never been overseas or on a mission trip. The possibilities look good.

Tonight I am in Mount Vernon having supper with a great couple – Andrew and Tanya. I have known and loved them for several years and was one of several who prophesied over them at their wedding 14 months ago… It will be good to see them again.

Tomorrow (Wednesday): A morning breakfast meeting with Jason who is a prophet in training and needs a kick start. We will be discussing what he can do to start the ball rolling and see his prophetic word from 6 months ago (my last visit) come to pass. I will be joined by an apostle and a prophet who are new to all this as they too want to hear what I will say and what he should odo. They are hungry to learn more. Then a time with Ruth and Jamie to speak on some of the other insights The Lord has shown me since I arrived… they are the leaders of the local church here where I am ministering most of the time. Then several hours to do emails followed by a supper and evening with Mark and his wife (pastors of the Upper Room). I prophesied over them on my last visit and again on Sunday night. They want to ask questions, seek input, and also build relationally. Ruth and Jamie will also be at this meal and evening as they are friends and the common factor in all of this. On Saturday night I will be at the Upper Room which Mark pastors and he and his people will join us on Sunday night at Overcomers Church.

All in all a good day today and a terrific day tomorrow. God is blessing this trip beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Thanks for praying.

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