Truth Or Consequences!

Today truth is whatever you make it – or so it seems. We no longer believe that the Bible is true. Regretfully many churches have taught their leaders this falsehood. And the leaders have taught their people the same garbage. I know, I was one of those taught that the Bible is simply a myth and was good for when the human race was less evolved and somewhat scientifically stupid or unknowledgeable. But now that we have science we know that the stories in the Bible simply are not true and therefore the Bible is not truth.

So people today scramble to create their own truth – some elements of their turth is home grown, some borrowed, some biblical, some belonging to other religions and philosophies, and some even picked up from cultural norms and the media. Thus, when a true believer declares the Bible to be absolute truth and Jesus to be that truth personified (John 1:17), in other words the Truth (capital “T”) we are considered narrowminded, deceived and antiquated.

An interesting survey – about eight months ago – came up with these findings…

The percentage of people of different age groups who say they agree with the statement that the Bible, the Quran and the Book of Mormon offer the same spiritual truths:
Ages 18 to 25 who are known as the Mosiacs – 56%
Ages 26 to 44 who are known as the Busters – 43%
Ages 45 to 63 who are known as the Boomers – 45%
Ages 64 and up who are known as the Elders – 33%
(Source: Barna Group)

In other words – the older you are the more likely it is that you believe the Bible is our source of truth. The younger you are the more likely it is that you will consider it one of a number of sources of truth. This means the Christian Church is slowly losing ground with each succeeding generation and this current generation just might be the last generation of the Christian faith.

Folks, the Bible, the Quran and the Book of Mormon are in direct contradiction to each other. To believe the teachings of the one means you cannot believe the teachings of the other. Each has a different view of who Jesus really is. Each has a different understanding of our Heavenly Father – God the Creator. They just don’t mesh together and cannot all contain truth – let alone the same spiritual truths. The younger the generation the more decieved they are. The truth is fading fast and the Bible as the standard for truth and as the authority for life is apparently almost gone.

This is true even among born again believers who say they believe the Bible, hold it to contain the truth, and know that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Do they apply the truth to their lives – no! Then they don’t believe it is the truth. Do they adjust their lives to the Word of God? No! Then they don’t believe it is the truth. Do they obey the Word and what it states we, as believers, are to do? No! Then we don’t believe it is the truth. Oh, it may contain some truth but we have the final say about what is truth for us and what is not. Then the Bible is no longer the authority in your life – you are.

Of course, not believing the truth as found in the Scriptures results in some rather severe consequences (see the above picture). Afterall, God still believes it is truth and the only standard upon which to build a life pleasing to Him. And pleasing Him is a good thing. Build your life on truth and you build upon a rock. Build it upon what you personally determine to be the truth and you build it upon sand and suffer the consequences. Truth or consequences – your choice!

I choose truth – the Truth!

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